Finished The Sweet Sallana Splendor Picnic


Lord of Altera

OOC info:
Astrum Orchards
(The region owner has been contacted about the event and has confirmed it)
Time and Date- Friday, August 31th. Come OOC at anytime but things will start at 1pm CDT/CST or 6pm GMT
Posters for this event would be posted in Storms Landing and the docks in Linlea towards the boat to Astrum

In these troubling times the people of Astrum have come together to hold a party for the healthy and those who need a pick me up in the name of Sallana.

Theodosia Engem has decided to be the main host of the party and has organized it with help from Lune Tekton. Just as any good Sallana party would have, there will be wine, food and over all just a good time. Events and games will be planned through out the day for those who wish to come.
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