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"You aren't going to get anywhere if you don't pick yourself up and giving a damn about your life or others."
~Basic Info~
Name: Theodosia Engem

Age: 19
Race: Caparii (Lighthoof/Greathorn)
Height: 5'4" without the antlers, 6'3" with antlers
Weight: Theo is fairly lightweight, being around 100 pounds or less.

Eye Color: Hazel/ brown with golden flecks
Hair Color: Reddish dark brown
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Body Build: Theo has a dainty frame but has muscle mass due to the training she undergoes and her childhood. The pair of antlers on her head is a decent size and are odd compared to other caparii horns due to how the are shed with the seasons.
Personality: Over all nice and somewhat outgoing, she is a goofball but can switch to be serious when needed
Likes: Birds, Astrum tea or what ever it is, rum, ale - any sort of pasta and the color red. Also sharp things and weapons.

Dislikes: Dragons and bugs other than spiders.

~Stats and Skills~
Strength: 6/10 She is not the strongest thing in the world but she can carry her weight and then some. Careful if you get in range of her kicks- it feels like getting hit by a car thanks to being a caparii.
Dexterity: 6/10 Theo is good at taking hits but is fairly squishy
Constitution: 6/10
Intelligence: 7/10 She is a quick learner but has issues putting it to use and has a lot to learn
Wisdom: 5/10 She is young and has a lot to figure out in the world.
Charisma: Depends on how the other person feels about her.

Theodosia's skills and such are normally done with rolls when it comes to outcomes but there are a few things she is good at that will add into the rolls

Grappling/Wrestling- Theo is fairly well at fighting hand to hand given how this was how she spent her free time as a kid. Nera and Laner often times would set aside a few hours to train Theodosia and it has paid off.

Stamina- Another perk of being taught and trained at a young age is the fact that it builds up a lot of factors that come into everyday life, the fact she is a Caparii helps out here too. Theo is able to maintain her stamina fairly easily or she can use it all in a power move. After using all of her stamina though, Theodosia will get extremely tired out and may pass out on site afterwards.

Language- Theodosia knows Fae, Engem, Common and a few words in Elven due to her mother.

Dancing- Hahaha yeah no, Theodosia cannot dance well at all.

Animal handling- Theodosia is very good with handling animals, mainly birds and such. This has lead her to have many pet birds including 3 owls she is training as scout birds and hunting partners.

Cooking- She is ok at cooking but mainly only meats and veggies.

~Other Information and things~

Weapons and Gear
Theo has an assortment of weapons and such kept on her regularly.
Theo weapons.png
- a blade her mother had commissioned. It has the Engem colors along side the house of Marr's color.
Hunting Daggers x3
-Theo carries three hunting daggers on her belt.
Stabby Boy
- It's a utility knife.

Theo has a minimal amount of armor on normally but can always be found with the following
-Leather leg wraps
-Choker (Works as a neck guard to a point)
-Soon to be added- metal custom horse shoes

Now with Kieko around Theo has a larger pack she wears around
-First aid kit
-Knick knacks
-Baby things

Other Important things
To be added

Will add later when I can.
To be added to relationship please leave a message with the name of your character and all that jazz

Nera Engem- Theodoisa's mother. They are not related by blood but Theo doesn't care. Nera had raised Theo since she was born after her biological mother had died.
Laner Engem- Her adoptive brother. Laner is Nera's first son and Theo's older brother. He often would take care of Theo when Nera was busy. It broke Theodosia's heart the day he moved away with his boyfriend to start their own lives.

Drew Swift- Theodosia's current partner. They have only been together for a few months but she loves him deeply. He often makes her worry by getting hurt and not taking the time to recover properly

Friendly with-
Valtae- A nice woman, she makes her smile and is always there to help
Leofaryn- Smart man, always nice and helpful
Laisa- Theo is teaching her Fae and she is always ready to learn.
Gilligan- A Man with his heart in the right place- He just needs to not be as squishy.

Haldir- A young man, sort of disappointed cause of his relation to Podric but she is more than happy to have him as a friend.
Elijah Bueamont- Very friendly and nice, sort of nervous due to being connected to Podric.

Melarue- This woman is a amazing and has taken care of the Compendium and others when Olive failed too


Jaden- Rude boy. Tried to use a sword to make Others and herself go outside with a wendigo.
Francis- the Save room for Ignis stunt and how it ended makes her not necessarily enjoy his company.
Podric- Theo just thinks Pod is a dick by how he treats Drew. Is fairly over all a dick in pass run ins and hopes that she will not have to be around him for long.
Olive- A woman who shouldn't be considered a good enough healer to even work on a papercut. Theo really isn't a fan of Olive after how her friends and her were treated and how she has handled the whole Infection.

Keiko- Moor baby Drew saved during the Peasants Revolt of the plague, now their kid.
Rook, Rose, Rogue- Hunting/scouting Owls.

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