[Vassals] House Hotspur


Lord of Altera
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Family Patriarch: Lord Henry Hotspur I, Lord of Havonen, and Councilman of the Emperor's Council.

Current Heir: Benjamin Hotspur I

Family Lands/Seat: Hanoven, Hotspur Estate


A black stallion head upon a field of deep ocean blue on an shield, rimmed by silver.

Family Words:
With Unity Comes Strength

+ History +

House Hotspur’s roots date to humble origins, the current lord, Henry Hotspur being the first to come of nobility. As a child, Lord Henry was mentored by a rich man by the name of Lord Tercio Hammel. Henry was then mentored by him throughout his childhood, as Lord Hammel himself was without sons, Henry was treated as his own. Many years he was mentored under Tercio Hammel, he learned various talents and skills, from the management of funds and lands, as well as the art of combat.

However, as the gods give, they also take, Tercio Hammel later passed on to the heavens, his wealth, lands, and titles to Henry, thus forming and solidifying the nobility of House Hotspur. With his new found wealth, Henry desired a place to call his own, thus he formed the Hotspur Estate within the Blackrose lands. However, Henry himself came upon something unexpecting, in the form of a beautiful woman, head full of golden, beautiful hairs, and eyes that shined to his visual, like grand suns; This woman was Torra Caysun, whom he later married.

Upon one morning, an unexpected visit came upon the doorway of Hotspur estate; Men in dark, black plate, wearing the tabard of the royal family Blackrose, ruler of the lands he had unknowingly settled on. However, these men did not raid, nor did they spit threats to the Lord, they asked him respectfully to head south, and meet with the Emperor of the realm. Henry, and the now pregnant Torra, departed south as asked, and met with the Emperor of the realm. After speaking with the Emperor, Henry and his wife were sold on the idea of vassalisation under the realm of Blackrose, and thus, Henry was named to the Emperor's Council. Soon, Henry was blessed with a son, of which the two lovingly named Benjamin, heir to the lands and wealth of his father. Sadly, Torra fell before seeing her son’s first birthday, pneumonia striking her, and sadly departing from this realm. The future of the house remains bright.

After a number of long years, Henry married again; this time to Favour Coral. The new couple quickly adopted a young elf named Novinah as their daughter, despite the racial differences. Favour was also an ambitious young woman, and encouraged Henry to continue work on the estate, and beside it, mostly to Favour's design, soon grew a small hamlet known as Havonen, to which Henry was titled Earl of.

Benjamin Hotspur, at the age of twelve, joined the Hotspur allies of de Courtnays as a bannerman in their home of Mountain's end, further improving their relationship. He was later granted the title of Master of Law in the Consiel d'Avignon by Earl Francis de Courtnay, a great honour for him.

Physical Traits:

Due to the nature of the new foundings of the family, common traits are not yet settled by the first and second generation, however one thing is sure, the bright blue eyes of Benjamin and the blonde hair is likely to stand within the ranks of the family. This said, after Novinah was adopted into the family, so were her elven features.


Lord Henry Hotspur: Lord of the family, owner of Havonen, and councilman of the Emperor's Council.

Lady Favour Coral-Hotspur- Wife of Lord Henry and Lady of Havonen uncrazygirl

Benjamin Hotspur: Son of Lord Henry Hotspur and his late wife, Torra. Currently meber of the Consiel d'Avignon and heir the Earldom of Havonen.

Novinah Hotspur: Adopted daughter to Earl Henry Hotspur. Sophe

House Relations:

House Blackrose: The trust in this house has been lost. Former liege lords, the patriarch of Hotspur felt it in his best interest to defect. @AdmiralAegir

House de Courtnay: Allies - The de Courtnays are well trusted, respected and even admired by the Hotspurs. @Paint