Finished [Violent] Appeasement of the Shadows (5pm EDT on the 26th)


Amor Fati
“He in his madness prays for storms, and dreams that storms will bring him peace” ~Mikhail Lermontov

Public/private: Private
Temples or Shrines involved: A new shrine in Sanardu.
Have you spoken with the town/region owners and are they aware of the risks to their region involved: Yes!

Where: Sanardu
When: 7am AEST on the 27th, (EDT 5pm on the 26th)
What: A dedication of a new shrine, an offering, as well as praying.
Classification: Violent

Likely on my own unless anyone else wants to join me and worship spiders. If interested pm me or ask me in game.
Elz blargtheawesome Lannis
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Amor Fati
Finally settled on a date and time --
7am AEST on the 27th of July -- which is: 5pm EDT on the 26th July if I got my time-zones right

Shouldn't take too long.
Lannis Elz
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