Finished A Day to Mourn. [A sermon & Event for Grey Lady] [June28th] [2pm est]

The Cartoon Witch

Lord of Altera
"A day to mourn... A day for sorrow... yet peace. A day to honor those that have fallen in battle, passed of old age or other means..."

[Illyrana is hosting a small event in the name of her goddess, The Grey Lady.]
[People will be given candy skulls and asked to paint them using the colors of those that best represent the fallen they wish to mourn.]
[Then they will be given a small paper boat and allow the skull to sail off into the water.]

What?: An event in Grey's Honor and a prayer/sermon
When?: June 28th at 2pm est
Rating?: Moderate
Where?: Linistel Docks
Public or Private: Public
Have you spoken with the town/region owners and are they aware of the risks to their region involved?: Yep yep!

People who might/are interested in this:
Ruu Darling
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