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<{ Announcement }> Nobility of Fronslin Menguar

Ruu Darling

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Sallades, 18th de Verdadero Nacimiento, El Nacimiento 2306
Fireday 18th of Truebirth, Season of Birth 2306

For unfathomable trustworthy actions and bonds, on Fireday, 18th of Truebirth, Season of Birth 2306 with my authority and approval of the Silveira family, I, Duchess Silveira, hereby announce the rise of Lord Fronslin Menguar, Right hand of the Duchy and Steward of Linistel. From this day forward, the Menguar family and any that posses the Menguar bloodline are recognized of Noble status within Silveira lands, among the Aorian people.

S. C Silveira
Duchess of Linistel