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[Arachian Set] Sturdy Thornpest Armor


An Alteran Bard

The Sturdy Thornpest Armor
All pieces of this armor are covered in Metal Thornpest, for as long as the armor lasts...


Open your narrow mind to the larger
truths of the lord of Nid Arach, my master,
for he has spoken of many dark secrets
others have only guessed at.

On my master's travels, he has passed
by many strange and accursed things, but
none so degenerating as the ironwrath, or
as he has come to call it; Thornpest. A spiky
plant that grows on metal surfaces and eats
its way through this material. My master
took great care in securing this Thornpest and
soon found a fitting purpose for it; to be
pur on reinforced metal armor. No foe
would dare touch the knight in Sturdy
Thornpest Armor, as the sharp needles
would pierce between chainmail, through
leather, into the flesh and bone of the
adversaries of darkness...

So told my master, and so it is written.


The Sturdy Thornpest Armor set contains:
Thornpest Helmet - In possession of Azalea Sophe
Thornpest Chest - Somewhere in Nid Arach
ThornpestLeggings - Acquired by Forces of Evil
Thornpest Boots - Acquired by Milah Jazzper

(Questions about the lore explanation can be send to me in a PM, please.)

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"Something need doing?"
It looks like a pain to put on
Talk about user-unfriendly armor