Ban Appeal [maxschell] [Approved]

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Hey! A lot of you probably don't remember me!

I was a pretty active player for a few months, around 2018, and I kind of lost interest in minecraft roleplaying altogether, but recently I've been getting back into it. I wanted to check out how things were on Holow World, and when I tried logging in, I found that I had been banned for Xraying. This was a cause of concern, so I went to the website, and found out I got banned quite a bit after I had already stopped playing. I was cheating, I will fully admit that. I wanted to fast forward my account's personal wealth, to moreso match my character's position, and it was wrong, and I should not have. I don't have an excuse, there is nothing that can excuse it, it's pretty simple that I was in the wrong, and I was consciously doing something that I knew to be against the rules. It wasn't okay, and I'm sorry.

I would like to formally apologise for any sort of inconviniences that may have been caused by my well.. Outright cheating, it is inexcusable. However, given the amount of time I've spent away from the server, I do hope that you will consider my appeal. I miss you all, and honestly, Hollow World is a wonderful place, with an amazing community, that I would love to be a part of once more.


Username: maxschell

Reason for ban: Use of an X--Ray resourcepack.


Hi [Unsuspecting Comment], I'm Jazzper
Staff member

After reviewing your Ban Appeal, we have elected to lift your ban.
We always do appreciate acknowledgement of and reflection upon one's actions, and wish to give you a second chance.

However, we do need to stress that any evidence of resumed hacking/X-raying will result in a permanent removal from Hollowworld.
Please make sure you have re-read the rules to ensure you do not miss out on any updated sections.

Hollowworld Moderation Team
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