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Character Chart
Character’s full name:
Cassia Elene Herennia
Reason or meaning of name:
Cassia - Cinnamon
Elene - Light

Character’s nickname:
Cass, Red, Carrots
Reason for nickname:
Cass - Short for her name

Red - Jackdaw's nickname for her
Carrots - Garr's name for her
Formal Names:
Young Lady Herennia
Princess Cassia (which she hates)

Birth date:
10th of Fogwater
Current Thoughts:
"Better and worse. Better and worse."

Art by Spooksy_ :)heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:)

Physical appearance
Human (Lavoyarde and Asrakosian Descent)
How old does he/she appear:
She looks to be her age
About 130lbs
Around 5'7
Body build:
She's mainly lean muscle, with minimal curves. The kind of body that comes from years of climbing trees and hard exercise
Shape of face:
Her facial features have sharpened out and thinned now that she's older.
Eye color:
A very sharp grey
Skin tone:
She's pale like her father but tans like her mother and covered in dozens of freckles
Distinguishing marks:
She's got hundreds of little freckles across her face and if looking at her face for a long period of time, people could notice a small bend to her nose.
Predominant features:
Her big grey eyes
Hair color:
Bright, vibrant ginger
Type of hair:
It's a wild mess of thick curls that, when down, reaches her mid-thighs. If you straighten a strand of her hair out it'd be much longer
It's always pulled back in some style of bun or ponytail, she rarely wears it down as it tends to tangle in everything. When her hair is up it's likely she has beads, feathers, and flowers within the braid.
Ash Sroka
Usual fashion of dress:
Cass' style has changed to being more fit for someone outside a lot. She tends to wear outfits that come in two pieces and keep her cool. She occasionally artfully drapes fabrics for fun and style.
Jewelry or accessories:
She wears a ruby pendent that she made. Her Herenii amulet is tucked into the bottom of the bag she always has.

Art by Solus (THANK YOU :heart:)


Cass is still learning whatever she can learn
Common: Fluent, Writing and Speaking
Asrakosian: Eh, she can understand the dialect and make a response in common but her mastery of it leaves something to be desired.
Lavoyarde: Eh, again she can understand what's being said and she can give a decent reply.

General Attitude:

Now that's Cassia is on the edge of adulthood she's started to grow into herself. There's still a mischievous streak to her and sometimes she doesn't take things as seriously as she should. She's trying her best to become a better person and someone worthy of respect but her temper tends to get the better of her. She's still quick to anger but she acknowledges her faults and is trying her best to avoid the worst of her temper.
She's more than willing to stand up for others and will protect those who need it. She's headstrong and will ensure people are safe. She's also still very closed off, enjoying to observe and draw the world around her. In all, she's getting better.

Losing her family
Making someone upset with her pranks
Nighttime and The Moon

Helping those she can and learning
Quick thinker

Good at climbing
Quick Learner
Knows her flaws

Too Trusting
Will do quite a bit for knowledge
Too willing to prove herself
Quick to anger
Forgets her limits
Too hard on herself

Short Term Goals:
[X]Figure out what she's good at

[X]Make some new friends
[]Learn more about The Grey Lady
[X]Become a scholar
[]Become someone's scribe
[]Make a painting

Long Term Goals:
[/]Learn whatever she can

[]Learn to defend herself
[]Host a Lesson one day
[]Have an official book of research that she's done.

[/]Keep a detailed journal about the people she's met

- Given Up
[]Idea, yet to start
/In progress
X Completed


Cassia's lived in Astrakhan most of her life with a short time in Aelmere during a time of uncertainty.
Family History:
Cassia's immediate family is a blending of two different cultures and lives into one household. Her mother being
Lavoyarde and her father being Asrakosian has led her to have an interesting view on her life.

Past Places of Residences:

Art by Galaxy :)heart: Mischief bean)


Current location:
Currently living with:
With her siblings and mom/By herself
She has essentially kidnapped her mom's cat Fayette as her own
She's still learning but curious to learn more about The Grey Lady
Being a scholar
Whatever she's been given as allowance and from crafts she's sold.
Places Traveled:

Storms Landing
Nid Arach



Making people laugh
Making friends

Being judged for her past actions
Getting in trouble
The Moon
Rude people

Favorite Types of Food:
She likes spicy foods
Favorite Types of Drink:
She likes sweet drinks
Learning new things
Observing People

Favorite Colors:
Purple and Blue

(Art by...ME!)


No known illnesses
No known allergies
Broken Arm - Treated by Arianne Lily_ Healed
Broken Nose - Treated by Kyri and Garrett Healed
Split Knuckles (Right Hand) - Treated by Herself Healed
Dislocated Arm and Scrapes - Treated by Herself Healed

Sleeping Habits:
Typical eighteen year old sleeping habits
Energy Levels:
High energy
Eating Habits:
She occasionally misses a meal or two but likes to snack
Exercise Habits:
She's very hyper so she gets a lot of exercise
A surprisingly decent memory
Unhealthy Habits:
She likes to chew on the edges of her hair

Drinking Habits:
Maybe once in a while but not often
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(Thank you Samiwashere for the beautiful art of the troublemaker!)

Relevant Family Members:
Carling Altham (Mother) - "I love you Mama, but you don't need to worry so much." Cassia adores her mother but she thinks the woman could relax. MelodyComplex

Garrett L. Herennius (Older Brother) - "You're an idiot but I love you." She loves Garrett and looks up to him in a lot of ways but at the same time he's her older brother and she loves to annoy him. He's her closest friend and she hates to see him upset or hurt. Galaxy

Theodosius H. Herennius (Uncle) - "..." Cassia does love her Uncle deep down just...there's some strife between them that needs to be sorted out.Blorbis83
Daniel C. Herennius (Cousin) - "You like food and music and you promised to not tell Mama or Uncle about what I do. You're good in my books!" Cass has only met Daniel once but hey, he's willing to keep her mischief a secret. Blorbis83
Remus F. Herennius (Little Brother) - "I love you but don't shove bugs down my neck!" She deeply cares for her little brother but sometimes his mischief can be too much to handle. ShamelessSauce
Leighton Altham (Step-Father) - "I hope you aren't upset when I tell you what happened..." Cassia still doesn't completely trust Leighton to not end up like her birth dad but she's willing to give him the chance. She's come to respect his role in her life but she's still not on board with the whole "father-figure" thing. Mapboy
Cosette M. Herennia (Little Sister) - "Pipsqueak." Cassia loves her little sister and does what she can for her.
Amelia Altham (Half-Sister) - "Small." Cassia doesn't know what to think of the baby yet.
Dimitrius H. Herennius (Cousin) - "Don't be too hard on yourself Dimi. You're doing your best." She loves her cousin and thinks of him as another brother but she also thinks he's an absolute nerd. However, despite her occasional bullying of him, she supports him to the best of her abilities. Blorbis83
Eastoft Altham (Step-Grandpa/Step-Grand Uncle?) - "I...I feel like you shouldn't have access to boats on ice." Cassia liked learning from Eastoft and is curious to learn anything else from him that he's willing to teach her. Mapboy
Star (Adopted Sister) - "I've heard so much about you, I hope I can actually get to know you." Cass has only met Star once in recent memory and she hopes she can get to know her adopted sister better. ToastySpam

Romantic Interests:

Trusted Friends:
Sofia - "I hope you're doing good. We need to talk more" Cass enjoys talking to Sofia but sometimes she feels like there's a disconnect between their lives. DizPanda

Illyrana - "It was good to see you again Illy!" Cassia finds Illy to be a good friend. The Cartoon Witch

Marceau - "I know I shouldn't feel bad but I do." Cass has mixed feelings about her cousin. He's still one of her close friends but it's becoming harder to get along with him the older they get. Morbid
Friendly With:

Jackdaw - "I'm looking forward to you teaching me to fight!" Cassia enjoys being around Jackdaw and finds her to be a good friend. ToastySpam
Mister Red (Jerr'co) - "You're fun to be around Mister Jerr'co!" He's encouraged her antics and in general been really friendly towards her, despite her habit of making him one of her targets. The Tottot

Kublai - "Thank you for being a fantastic teacher." Cassia enjoys Kublai's company. He's funny, encourages her hunt for knowledge, and genuinely supports her hunt for knowledge. Also he taught her how to play DarkShine. Bartooliinii
Jin Elsattir - "It was good to see you again Jin!" She's mainly encountered Jin during lessons and events at Frostwarts. She's happy to see he's been doing well since the last time they met. Olligreen
Kyri Bluestone - "..." Cass views Kyri as a good friend and hopes he's doing well. The Cartoon Witch

Loose Acquaintances:
Disfavored Individuals:

Wary Of:
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