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Finished [Celebration] Pride Restoration


Official Alteran



Where: The Coast
When: Tomorrow, 9pm CST
Invited: Fjord's Family and friends, The Meadows, those blessed by Korog
Subject: Due to his accomplishments in the past and becoming blessed. There will be a feast for their pride. This includes, Fought against the legions of the Ivory King despite being underarmed at first, Helped force the archfiend known as the Ivory King to self-destruct himself out of desperation, Has slain many demons during the war, Fought Undead forces outside Astrakhan, Slain two Feral Vyre that was causing trouble outside Queensport, Has fought against the current exalt of Skraag in honorable combat despite differences in power, Assisted in the Exorcism of Albert from Eldpoint despite not being blessed at the time
Host: Faith Meadow
Rating: Moderate/Peaceful​
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