Combat Logging


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This has been a prevalent issue in recent times. It's only now that we've come to publish guidelines on it.

Combat logging

Combat logging is leaving in the middle of combat when upset and avoiding consequences of roleplay. These are to be reported and Staff deals bans or decides what occurs. Here are some guidelines for players when there are no Staff immediately available to help sort a conflict.

What do I do if I have to leave mid-combat but my character wasn't forfeiting? Before logging out, both sides need to agree to:
  • Reconvene within an OOC week.
  • and/or decide who wins within the circumstance if one side has the upper-hand. Winner gets to decide what occurs after. This is on pretense of knowing consent level of both parties.
  • and/or Staff decides what occurs after hearing both sides.
  • and/or there was a stalemate and you both disperse.
What do I do if I'm watching a combat and have to log out, but would intervene?

Middle of nowhere, no region. Storm's Landing: If you have to log out, you aren't there in roleplay. Your character would have to have a reason to leave.

In a region:
  • If you are part of the fight, and have to log out mid-combat, request to reconvene within 1 OOC week. If no solution to a time is coordinated, Staff will decide. But it ultimately relies on those actively involved. If roleplay continues on, a solution must be mediated considering neither side had a chance to roleplay what occurred.
  • If the fight occurs literally in your character's home/street/area of stay, you've the right to ask those in combat to wait so that you can login at an appropriate time. It'd be odd to say a fight broke out in your character's house while your character was still there and not be able to take part.
  • If the fight occurs somewhere in a region your character is in, and you were not taking part in the initial combat, then your character would have to have a reason to leave or wait till the fight stops. You cannot hold the combat to cease for your character to intervene when it's convenient for you.
What do I do if I'm concerned about Metagaming/Powergaming and a Staff isn't available, but I'm stuck mid-combat?
  • Report it on the forums. Take screenshots of the exact things you're concerned about so that Staff know what to look for. Let the other player know you've reported the situation. Do not logout or leave without deciding to reconvene as that is considered to be combat logging. In some cases, players will try to moderate themselves if their combat partners are concerned. If your character's opponent refuses to respond to reconvening, make sure your report includes that you made it clear you'd reconvene and when. Staff will help decide what to do.
  • Before you enter combat, remember to ask for a neutral DM to moderate your combat if you've previous concerns.
And as always- Remember our rules on consent and engaging in combat. If there are other conditions or specifications regarding situations, we'll deal with them case by case.

Solus for writing this up
Lannis and Immerael for discussions
@rest of staff for input