Creative Build Material Lists


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We're introducing a new way to track and put materials towards a build project in creative that you want to get moved over. Rather than counting against a material list manually, there is now a plugin that shows what materials you need to gather (no more screenshots of WorldEdit commands), how many you have already deposited (no more spreadsheets), and lets you put materials currently in your inventory towards a project (no need for a giant block of chests). Project access is private by default, add members to help you collect materials.

If given the base terrain before it's built upon, the project material list will automatically ignore landscape from the final material count.

When you're planning on a build and have terrain moved over to creative, or when you're ready to start gathering materials to move your build over, add a request in the WorldEdit Requests thread for a staff member to start a project for you.

I have tested this as it was being developed, but it is entirely plausible that there are bugs that I haven't found in it. If anything weird happens, let me know.
Feedback is welcome; the feature list and display is fairly minimal for the first version, let me know if you think there are areas to improve it!

The main command for this is '/projectlist [listName],' which shows the status and list of materials needed for the project. Use '/projectlist deposit [listName]' to put items in your inventory towards the list, and '/projectlist add [listName] [player]' to add collaborators.

/projectlist [listName] - This is the main command for showing the status of a build project. It will display the completeness of the list at the top, with individual materials needed through the rest of the pages. Unfulfilled material requirements are highlighted in red, while complete ones are in green.


/projectlist deposit [listName] - This command removes any materials currently in your inventory that are needed for the list. Only members of the project can access this command. This command will show you a list of materials taken in chat.


/projectlist get [listName] - This command returns materials to your inventory if there were extra items deposited that are no longer needed for the final list. This should usually be unnecessary, and should only do anything if the base terrain is defined after the final material list is.


/projectlist add [listName] [player] - Add a player as a member of the named list. Members are able to view the material list with /projectlist, and add materials towards it with /projectlist deposit.

/projectlist list - This command lists all projects that you are a member of.

/build - This will show a list of all commands associated with the plugin.