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Upcoming [Demonicon] The Trials of Book Two


An Alteran Bard
The Hunt For The Demonicon
The Trials of Book Two


After an almost deadly encounter at a cryptic location that was derived from a shattered clue, the group found a book.
This small party has distilled a new hint from the tome and will go out into the world once again in an attempt to find what truth is behind this trail of pages...
This time, they will make sure to go (and remain) under the cover of darkness.

What is this event?
The book hunters will test the answer to the mystery of the first book by trying to find more clues at the cryptic location.
If they are correct, they'll attempt to retrieve the second book.

How to join?
We're fully booked! (get it?)

[Reserved slots 8/8]
Aelnic - Astalgon
Freia - Goldbeean
Avalyn - Juvix_
Luna - Opal
Monty - TidalTerror
Lana - I am Wake
Andrew - Mr.Slime
Granny - Dappest
Xozu - AionTbird

Date & Time
Saturday 23rd of October
2 pm EST / 7 pm BST (UK time) / 8pm Europe

Starting location

you'll TPA to me, the DM.
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I am Wake

The Rose
Retired Staff
Free up my space for someone else-- Lana will not be able to attend this one because it is the day after her wedding. She'll be on honeymoon~
She'll join back up with you guys after this event :D

Generally, I think Lana would want to be free around this month because of the wedding. No events before or shortly after, just in case of potential wedding-ending injuries.


Loyal Servant of Altera
I apologize for saying this so late, it got the jump on me as well, but I'll have to drop out to see my grandparents today. good luck yall.