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Divine Team is Hiring


Bored Brit

Divine Team is Hiring!

Hello Hollow World. We're all aware of the Divine Team and the amount of work
that is required that goes into keeping it afloat. For the longest while, the team has
been rather small. We've decided that going forward we're going to make a change
and open the team for new hires instead of selecting them ourselves.
If you are interested, and you meet the general requirements to join the Server staff,
please start a ticket here on the forums marked Divine for us to see!

Here is the format for applying to the Divine Team:

IGN: (Your forum and Game name)
Date Joined: (The date you joined the server.)
Age: (You must be 18 to join Server staff.)
Why do you want to join the Divine Team?
What are the draws of the Divine System?
What are the flaws of the Divine System?

We look forward to seeing your applications and wish you good luck if you do apply!



An Alteran Bard
What exactly does one do on the divine team? What I mean is; what would I be applying for? What's expected of me?


Staff member
Very Sweet
Newer applicants will be working on artifacts to ensure they work under the current guidelines for them, offering input on rank-ups, going over spells in the divine system, bringing things to the team's attention as to not get lost (tickets, questions, so on), and some work on write-ups for characters ranking up. Also general assistance in working alongside current divine staff when things come up.

I've been a bit drained this week - We've a few applicants and I'll go through those in the next couple days.