Active Ehmib Onyxheart


Lord of Altera
Name: Ehmib Onyxheart
Full Titles: Merchant, Master
Nickname/Alias: None

Age: 33
Gender: Cis-Male
Race: Dwargar - Duskhammer
Social Status: Noble although his house has lost much of its grandeur from the days of Tambry
Sexuality: Straight
Height: 4'3"
Weight: 165 lbs
Date of Birth: 7th of Floodlock, 2273
Date of Death: N/A
Homeland: Tambry-Upon-Tam (destroyed)
Current Home: Storm's Landing

Build: Solid, stout, and muscular particularly in his arms
Hair: Red
Eyes: Brown
Skin: Pale
Identifying Marks: Missing left eye w/ eye patch (lost it Boar hunting years ago)
Appearance: Short, stout, long beard tapered off into two braided ends with decorative beads adorning and holding together his braids
Clothing: Brown jacket with epaulettes, brass-ringed belt, grey linen pantaloons, black mole-leather boots (clothing inherited from his father)
Weaponry: Carries his favorite axe with him at all times: Older Age. It's engraved along the haft with the expression "Old age lays all things low." A replica of his father's axe lost during his death in Port Silver.
Prized Possessions: Axe: Older Age, a silver engraved flask, a long-stemmed pipe with accents of silver, an engraved walking cane with embedded silver inherited from his father
Hygiene: Keeps his brewery neat and orderly. Has clean hands and fresh clothes, but his beard has always given him trouble much to him, a family trait
Voice: Thick accent, but not nearly as thick as his fathers. Almost Scottish-like accent with a deep rumbling quality. Laughs often.

Strengths: Handling of axes and pikes, brewing, general conversation, sailing to some extent, kennel keeping (he has bred wolves since he was a teenager)
Fears: Not living up to his father's expectations, the destruction of the realm and Storm's landing after seeing Tambry burn as a child. wild boar, badgers
Weaknesses: Bows, running, hubris (after drinking)
Intelligence: above average, lots of common-sense, but his father made sure he kept up on his studies
Languages: Common, Horghaan (dwarven) (not as fluent as his father)
Profession: Brewer, Merchant, Shipper

Personality: Warm and fuzzy on the outside, but likes his solitude and his thoughts much like his father before him, can get a bit unruly after a few pints though
Religion or Cults: Due to the diaspora of the dwarves and the deaths of many of his kin, Ehmib like his father Bimhe avoids Korog like the plague. He knows, as a dwarf, he'll never be able to fully escape him, but he does his best. He often like Jax, but isn't devout. Blames the gods for his father's death and the destruction of Tambry
Alignment: Aligned with Julian Merchante (for now)
Short Term Goals: Operate Storm's Landing Brewing company and shipping his wears across the seas and rivers of Altera
Long Term Goals: Restore his family fortune and become the greatest brewer in the land

**NOTE** I will try to flesh this out later so it is not just about how much he is like his father, but this will do for now


Place: Tambry (as a child), Storm's Landing
Pastime: Brewing, drinking, conversation, the occasional book, axe throwing
Food: Roast chicken and duck, carrots, cake
Drink: Ale, beer, rum, whisky, champagne (he loves alcohol that's why he brews it)
Colour: Blue
Animal: Wolves
Guilty pleasure: Smoking his pipe

Least Favourite...
Place: Stirling Reserve (he did not like losing his father and the expectations Wollston Cerendor placed on him hence why he left to make his own path)
Pastime: Jousting, hunting
Food: Boar meat
Drink: Vodka, Milk (no fan of white russians)
Colour: purple
Animal: Boars, badgers

RELATIONS: [Will be updated as needed)]
His father and his Mother he died when he was 9, he never knew much about her backstory though
Bimhe his father, Elros Cerendor
Julian Merchante after Elros introduced them
Elros Cerendr (who is now missing, but was like a brother to him)
Wollston Cerendor, he saved his life by bringing him to Storm's Landing after the destruction of Tambry, but he always felt he was too harsh on him with expectations of regaining his father's house's status
Unsure of:
Wary of:
Afraid of: