[Forlorn Bestiary] [Extinct] Long Armed Pillager


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“With arms as long as it is tall, and a basket fused to its back made of cartilage, the Pillager has one devious purpose…
The Long Armed Pillager, often referred to simply as the ‘Pillager’ or the ‘Flying Gribbler’ is an abomination designed to abduct individuals.
It seizes a victim, lifts them over its head, and places them upside down in a chamber fused in its back.”


Arms and legs — The Pillager has two legs, and two very long arms. The creature stands at just shy of six feet tall, its arms are long enough to touch the ground without stooping, being about six feet long themselves. Its legs are proportional, contributing to about half of its height. The feet are humanoid for superior balance while running, but they end in small claws to aid while scaling structures.​
Hands — The grotesquely long arms end in large, five fingered graspers that are also equipped with claws. These are powerful hands.​
Eyes, mouth and features — It has two large eyes that are positioned in humanoid head. Its neck is long, and juts forward. The eyes best resemble those of a cat and are partially sensitive to IR, granting it excellent night vision without being vulnerable to light. Its mouth is that of a human, complete with lips, teeth, a tongue, and even vocal cords. Its ears are bat like, and its head has no hair.​
Size and physical description — The Pillager is the size of a large, disfigured ape. The creature has chameleon-esque camouflage, that adapts to help it blend into its surroundings easier. On its back, the Pillager has what looks like a basket made from cartilage fused to itself. It runs the whole length of its back, and then some. It is wide, and spacious — enough to fit an adult male or two smaller people (woman or children). Next to the protrusion on its back, the Pillager has a large pair of wings allowing it to take flight if out in the open.​


The Pillager has been sighted in Linlea, but beyond that, the creature has never been sighted.​

Sexual Dimorphism

There are no reproductive organs present, and therefore there are no distinctions to be made.​


The Pillager is not a murderous creature in the same sense that a Road Walker is, and it’s not openly destructive like the Blight Dragon. It is instead, closer in behavior to the Devourer in the notion that it has not been observed to attack with purpose to kill. They can impersonate generic human voices and are known to laugh in loud, gloating, human bouts once their presence has become known. Pillagers have only be observed trying to “abduct” people for some mysterious purpose…​


Fairly short, three and a half months provided it doesn’t see any serious action. They do not typically die in the wild unless they are slain, a Pillager who is about to die will instead return to where it first came from, and die there instead.​

If some part of the abomination has been captured or claimed, such as a body part, teeth, spikes, etc. and you wish to experiment with them or simply wish to receive more information, please send Squidziod a convo. Thank you!
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