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“The Road Walker is a terrifying abomination recently known to hunt along roads. It has six major appendages, a muscular body, and a long teeth-laiden snout.
Road Walkers travel in small packs, and cruise up and down the highways as they hunt vagabond and caravan alike. They prefer the lone traveller, and love stacking the odds.
They are specialized in quiet and speedy pursuit, as well as inflicting violence upon those they catch.”

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Arms and legs — Its hind legs have thick pads and long claws, and are built for running. It has two arms that end claws, but are suitable for running. It can stand on its hind legs, fully upright, or it can come down on all fours for increased speed — being able to travel at speeds that are competitive with a horse.​
Skewers — Mounted above the “arms” are two long, four-jointed arms that end in sharp, rigid, bone like spikes that resemble skewers.​
Eyes, snout, and ears — The head resembles that of a greyhound, only its snout is longer and has more numerous teeth. It has large, bat-like ears, and two eyes that most closely resemble that of a predatory cat. The Walker has a long tongue, with which it pants quietly to keep cool as it does not sweat.​
Size and physical description — The Walker about the size of a horse, and is covered in a mix of slimy scales, matted fur and thin spines. The spines are very similar to those that would be found on a porcupine. The fur is dark colored, being either black or dark brown. The scales are a dark earth tone. The skewers are faded bone color, as per their construction. Standing tall, they are approximately seven and a half feet, though they do not often stand tall. While on all fours, they are as tall as a horse, about five feet tall. They weigh as much as an elk (about 700 lbs or 320 kgs)​


They’ve been sighted mostly in wooded areas, near the Compendium for example. Their dependence on water prohibits them from surviving in arid or desert climates.​

Sexual Dimorphism

They lack reproductive organs of any kind, and therefore, there is no distinction.​


Aggressive towards people, actively hunts them — ignores wildlife. Drinks a lot of water, but does not consume food otherwise.​


Very short, one and a half months provided it doesn’t see any serious action. They do not typically die in the wild unless they are slain, a Walker who is about to die will instead return to where it first came from, and die there instead.​

If some part of the abomination has been captured or claimed, such as a body part, teeth, spikes, etc. and you wish to experiment with them or simply wish to receive more information, please send Squidziod a convo. Thank you!
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So is it some dog that got necromorphed or something? Or is it just some hellish species that the Carrion Lord spawned up?