[Forum unbanned] Appeal for unbanning of my forum account.

Basically, I'll make it as short as possible to avoid wasting too much of your time (which I've already done enough of, to be honest)- I'm permabanned and can appeal on 22/4/17, but I have a message in my conversations on my main forum account (Creepcruncher). I believe it's from Ced, who handled my ban, but I can't access my inbox because I'm banned.

As soon as I've read and digested it, and if needed, acted upon any instructions in the message, I'll log out and not come back until 22/4/17. You can reban my account as well as this one, or take my word of honour that I won't come back until then.

I'd also like to offer an apology to the staff and players that I caused offence to, looking back I'm genuinely ashamed of what I did.

I don't intend to evade my ban with this account, I made it a few minutes ago for the sake of posting this.

Many thanks,

PS: I'm not asking for my minecraft account to be unbanned, just my forum account.
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Thank you for your patience. Your forum account has been un-banned. Please re-read our rules on behavior and the Kings Law as soon as possible, as it reflects behavior on the forums as well.