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Daeron, the oldest medical healer in Altera, will today share his knowledge on medicinal plants and herbs.
Come and spruce up your knowledge of the fundamental beginnings of every healer and learn the basics of any potion or salve!
The lesson shall take place in Frostwarts' Herbology Greenhouse.

Points can once again be earned for the students competition, which will be tallied up on the student scoreboard downstairs.
And like always, the best instructional or informative notebook will receive 1000 radiants.
All reasonable notes will be copied and added to the student's own bookcase in the Common Room.

Setting: Public
Rating: Peaceful
Date: 9th of July
Time: 23:00h GMT+2 / 4pm CDT / 5pm EST


To get to the greenhouse, follow these instructions:
[Storm's Landing] -> [Sanardu] -> [Halbed] -> [Frostwarts] -> [Herbology Greenhouse]

Go to Spawn, find the ship with the white mast. It takes you to Sanardu, find the boat with the grey sails and purple grape on it. It'll take you to Halbed, walk through the gates and make your way to the most South-Western point of town, you'll get to Frostwarts. Inside Frostwarts, go left up the stairs, right, then right again. Up the stairs once you're in the alchemy room.

Students: [1/?]
Kublai Kull
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Evil Event Organisor
Oops! So sorry I seem to have forgotten to put this event onto the calendar! This is the 9th! Moved one day to the front so it won't collide with that summer festival event.
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