Finished [Frostwarts] Sporebloom R.A.D.s


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Recollect And Describe
"Third Term Exams"

5 months have passed since the last R.A.D. and now the third term has come to a close.
To test how much students have learnt from term three, Kublai has devised his third "Recollect And Describe" test.
We've had seven lessons, the exam will consists of two questions about each lesson, plus a bonus question which answer can not be found in anyone's notes.
Through this exam, students have the opportunity to earn quite a lot of points, quite fast.
It's also a fun thing to do, even if you don't study, to see what mark you'd be able to get!

Don't worry if you have missed a lesson, that is what the Common Room is for!
All lessons had people making notes, and those notes are in the Common Room bookshelves for you to study.
Go through these notes some time prior to the exam and make your own notes OOC on a piece of paper, make screenshots or write some down in a text program.
You may use the notes you made prior to the exam to try and answer the questions during the test itself! #OPENBOOKEXAM

Some of the best descriptions of the lessons are in the library on the ground floor. Though Kublai advises not to skip the Common Room.
The books in the common room about this third term are on the third shelf!
To get an idea of what to expect, the two R.A.D.s of the first two terms are available for reading in the "Gambling, Games & Tests" section of the library.

Subjects that will be tested are:

Greyling Culture
Books' Importance
Arachian Bats
Linistel Culture & Aori Language
Governmental Debate

What to study from this term:
Races, Cultures & Their Languages

Greyling Culture - Podric
Linistel - Garrett

Theories & Philosophies:
Books Importance - Kublai
Lanna's Book Notes - Lanna
Government Lecture Notes - Lana

Creatures & Plants:
Notes on Qlippoth - Lana
Bat Notes - Garrett

Common Room:
Greyling Culture - Stella
Eren's Bat Notes - Eren
Archaeology around Halbed - Cassia
Archaeology - Eria
Aori Culture & Language - Sofia
Linistel Culture - Cassia
Aori Notes - Lana
Notes on Aori - Cyrus

This time, points are earned in a different way:
Attending the exam will give you one point.
Getting 10/15 questions correct gives you one point.
Getting 12/15 questions correct gives you one point.
Getting 14/15 questions correct gives you one point.
Getting all questions correct gives you another point.
Potentially, any student attending could get 5 points in one event!

Setting: Public
Rating: Peaceful
Date: 28th of May
Time: 21:00h GMT+1 / 3.00 pm EST

To get to the exams, go to the Auditorium. Follow these instructions:
[Storm's Landing] -> [Halbed] -> [Frostwarts] -> [Auditorium]

Go to Spawn, find the ship thiccest ship across from the SL tavern to Halbed. Follow the signs in Halbed to get to Frostwarts. Once inside Frostwarts, move up the stairs above the tea-corner and head straight into the Auditorium.

I am Wake

Legend of Altera
I really need to attend this, no matter what.
Please remind me so needingly, friend. I am very forgetful of event dates and times :(

Thank you for setting this up :heart: Always wanted to challenge Lana with one of these.


I think I might like it here
Study imaginary topics for arbitrary points just to boost my ego?

I'm in. I've never been so into something in my entire life. You know me so well.


Evil Event Organisor
The scores out of 10 of this term's R.A.D. will now be displayed on the messageboard in the hallway, replacing those of last term!

Lana: 9.6
Sofia: 4.8
Stella: 7.0
Woven: 9.4