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The Start of a New Term
"Finding your footing again"

The first term has concluded with the students sweating over the Sunbright's R.A.D.-test.
Before the lessons begin, Kublai thinks it's good to start the term off in a fun way.
Some students have been with Frostwarts since the start, while others have just arrived.
To accommodate both, a sort of treasure hunt will take place.

The students will be given a list of questions.
They will have to find the answers to the questions inside the school.
These questions are things like: "How many staircases can be found within Frostwarts?"
This way, the students get to know the school better and will be ready to find any classroom they might need to go to once the lessons commence again!

We might also do some inverted hide-and-seek if there are enough people present :)

Points will be awarded as such:
Attending the start of the new term will give you one point.
You get an extra point if you have the majority of the questions correct.

Put your name on the first page of the book you use to give the answers in.
Make sure to write your answer on a separate page so you can edit it easily if it's wrong!
And don't sign your book :)

You don't have to be a regular student to join this fun event.

Setting: Public
Rating: Peaceful
Date: 6th of August

Time: 22:00h GMT+2 / 4.00 pm EST

To get to the General Lectures Hall, follow these instructions:
[Storm's Landing] -> [Sanardu] -> [Halbed] -> [Frostwarts] -> [Courtyard]

Go to Spawn, find the ship with the white mast. It takes you to Sanardu, find the boat with the grey sails and purple grape on it. It'll take you to Halbed, walk through the gates and make your way to the most South-Western point of town, you'll get to Frostwarts.
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This will take place when the forums are down for the server box move, so try to remember if you're interested haha


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I cannot connect to HW servers, and since most of the people can't make it, this'll be postponed till after the first week of August