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Upcoming Heist - Dubious Coronation - (Sign Up)


Lord of Altera

Several crudely written flyers have been posted around some of the more duplicitous and shady areas of Storm's Landing.
This is but one of them.


Well-written version:

Greetings VARLETS!

I, Eurig, LORD of the Underground, The DEAD, and the Storm's Landing Sewers (Also son of Branko Callas)
am in need of a crown!

In exchange for your assistance in stealing the crown of Asher Varyn, you will have freedom to steal
whatever other trinkets you find within his castle.
I only want the crown

If interested, deposit a note with your name by the nearest sewer entrance. I will find them.

Details to follow...

-Eurig, Master of ALL

Where: Queensport Castle
When: TBA
Type: Violent (Most likely)

This is my attempt to get some consistent heist events off the ground,
These events will focus on stealth above combat, but combat will likely occur anyway.

It is planned to be hosted by blargtheawesome and myself.
Details are hazy at the moment, so I wished to gauge interest through this sign-up.

Anyone is welcome to join. If you're interested, please leave your IG name and Character name in the comments.

Looking forward to borrowing without permission with you all.

Sign up:

Eurig - TheDuples
Laicelem - xVigil
Wren - Lovelyninja567
Lerina - TheChibiKiwi
Gwyrthiol Vow Retro
Arios akirr
Gwyrthiol Shalack Sekci
Sirius Fortune

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