Ignis Synnove

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- ] The Dawnbringer [ -
The God of Light, Truth, Order, Fire, Glory, and Nobility

Ignis Synnove


There was once a God of Light and Goodness of all that was right in the world. The Sun God… Harateth. He brought light to the darkness of Jishrim. As they stood before each other, a balance was created, bringing forth Korog. Harateth, alongside Jishrim, took it upon himself to despise the others for their different views. Upon whispering to the Primal Forces, they each brought forth a child- a twin of the other, Valor and Kilrox. They claimed legions of war and fought, until Korog was compelled to quench balance to bring forth another, Skiera, to tame them- of Blood and Steel.

Harateth became himself upon a forming star, and as Skeira had began a new peace upon the wars, he unveiled Sallana. Harateth was smitten by her beauty, courted and laid with her. Together, they created the twin Divines of Bilworth and Jax. He- His wife- and his sons descended upon the mortals in forms they would understand, beginning to educate and convert them into an enlightened and good state. Harateth was content. The worship was good, his beloved was beautiful, and the sun shone brightly. As the turmoil of Queen Grief took the world, Harateth aided- and was praised. The praise lead to pride, which turned an unknown piece of arrogance in the God. For Harateth was the strongest, the wisest, the brightest and all that was Good in the world- It was only natural he deserved worship.

...This pride was spurned. As the wars against evil settled and quieted, so did the faith of goodness in the world. Upon looking unto the lands, Harateth became furious. The mortals had abandoned him, left his shrines dusty and uncared for, turned away from the Light. Playing upon his fury, his brother Jishrim whispered to Harateth of a power. A power long vanquished, a power that could bring the world into one of Order and Light once more. Jishrim engaged in a battle of trickery- And Harateth was taken by the Corrupted forces through his own prideful desires, his mind warped. Slowly, bit by bit, the God began to lose pieces of himself until the mortals fought against him with Rahas's aid. Vanquished.. and yet..

..Reborn anew like the fires of a Phoenix, Ignis Synnove rose from the remnants of the fallen Harateth by the aid of Sallana. Light engulfed the figure, with dazzle and embers. It reached to the skies ahead, seeking the warmth of the Sun and dispersed into the flickering prisms strewn across the land. Ignis had cast away its predecessor's insecurities of being slighted by the mortal realm. Harateth had grown venemous like the corruption that consumed him. Instead, Ignis's followers were pleasing as they chanted the light mantra and praised each dawn to its graces. Despite the pact it had made to fall back from the realms with the rest of the Pantheon, they did not falter. The noble humans were especially satisfying as they continued to spread beliefs of Ignis far and wide throughout the continents, overcoming other lesser worships.

And then.. the Pantheon's Order began to shake, and with it- Ignis grew angry. The truth of who and what contested its people clouded the realm and it aimed to shine against it for it would not let darkness cloud them again. Aldred's beast threatened their standing. With a golden blade in hand, it fought and guided its followers to purge the lies that aimed to sway against them. Order will be brought back into the realm so that the sun may shine far and wide under the God of Light.

Ignis's followers tend to be Paladins of Light, maintaining and seeking truth in many things. Others turn to Priesthood to spread the words of Light. Most praise the day's dawn and dusk, giving thanks to the sun's warmth that touches their homes and hearths.

Holy Symbol:
A Golden Sun against a White Pillar

Lawful Neutral

-The Phoenix

Tenets of the The Dawnbringer:
-Thou shalt believe true all words of the Light, and shalt observe all its directions.
-Thou shalt never lie nor bear false witness, and shalt remain faithful to thy pledged word.
-Thou shalt respect those who are wealthy and powerful, for they are such due to the grace of the Light.
-Thou shalt pray upon each Sunrise, to give good thanks that the Light bathes thy lands upon once more!
-Thou shalt not recognize any other Gods or Goddesses, for the Light is the one true Divine.
-Thou shalt give due respects for the orderly inheiritance, heiritage and succesion, to honour thy Father and Mother before thee.
-Thou shalt bring persecution upon heresy, to preserve the Order of the world.
-Thou shalt see murderers without cause have forfeit their own life before the Light, and their belongings entitled to the family of the murdered.
-Thou shalt burn the dead so they might not rise as demons, or worse!
-Though shalt follow all of Light's Tenents

Temples, Cathedrals, or Shrines:
-A podium gateway of light and gold stands steadily in Haven.
-A modest church of fire and quartz in the town of Haven.
-A Ring Shrine to Ignis exists in the lands of the Frontier.
-A small shrine on the mountains overlooking Queensport.
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Appearance: Although the Gods no longer walk the realm as they once did, ancient texts still scribble furiously over their details.
Ignis favored to appear as a figure in white robes and hood- always entombed in light.

Official Artwork:


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