Finished [July 5th|Private] An Imposition of Order


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Sigmund von Hallon, Kronpinz to the Anhald Empire, calls upon his known loyalists and those personally spoken to about the current political standing of the Empire. Furthermore, should the majority of his beckons be answered, Sigmund von Hallon shall form his royal entourage, or court, assign roles, and discuss the future beyond certain, immediate matters.

This is not a public call. The following summons are sent personally:

Countess Raalvara Varyn, standing in for Count James Varyn, to represent interests her own and her husband's in regards to plans made between the two before the arrival of the Kronprinz. Raalvara's letter is detailed to urge her to provide the following information: A roster of able-bodied soldiers, and records detailing the inventory of the following: arms, armor, horses, and construction resources. Raal

Sir Podric Flanders for the discussion of adjacent land, Haven and Thorne, and the interactions of each to the loyalist land that is Oren, Varynhall, and Blackrush Crossing. Podric's letter urges him to provide the following information: A possible ledger or general record of the output of Thorne's agricultural produce and other financial information regarding the land, including a local map with the purpose of detailing the exact dimensions of worked soil in Thorne.

Each letter sent to those above tentatively admits close advisors or those knowledgeable on the information requested in the summons to join them if they heed the call.

General summons for attendance are as well issued.
Lord Asher Varyn Rygan
Maubray d'Evereaux Mitch
Richard Buschell Arken
Wilhelm Schmidt Omen13

The proceeding debate will be hosted in Oren, at approximately 8:30 EST.
This is a moderate event.
This event is hosted with Divine favor in mind.
Solus Elz Lannis

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