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Hey! thought I might do one of these things to help me kick off my experience here!

General Information:

Name: Kakorra Ovrientalis
Other Names: N/A
Titles: N/A

Age: 40
Race: Capaii (Red)
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pansexual
Current Residence: Edge of Mockingbay
Relationship Status: Single
Social Status: uh, town eccentric?

Physical Appearance:

Height: 5'9"
Weight: ~150lbs
Eye Color: Pale Blue
Skin Color: A sort of medium warm brown, her hooves and horns are a nice shade of black
Shape of Face: Round
Distinguishing Features: A cracked horn, repaired with horn 'cement'
Hair Color: Ginger, her fur is too!
Hair Style: Loose curls/ waves
Complexion: Freckled
Posture: upright, leans slightly forward
Is Seen By Others As: Eccentric, Genuine, Friendly, A bit strange
Scars: Small ones on her Hands/ forehead
Voice: Friendly, Upbeat, Everlyn Campbell for now!


Likes: Nature, Astrology, Science, Sallana, fried bread
Dislikes: Nobles, the colour purple, snow, caked on mud
Strengths: Her empathy, Knowledge of nature, Her resilience, Compassion
Weaknesses: Trusting nature, Forgiveness, Limited knowledge of outside world
Fears: Being totally alone, Pain, The Ocean
Values: Family, Friendship, Knowledge, Kindness
Education: Standard Caparii education, basic alchemy and herbalism knowledge, developing understanding of other cultures
Languages: Caparii, Common (developing)
General Attitude: optimistic
Religious Inclination: Sallana, Shalherana
General Intelligence: Good, but eager to learn more
General Sociability: Social Butterfly
Alignment: Neutral Good

Short Term Goals: Set up a stable living situation

Long Term Goals: Explore the world, Learn as much as she can, Make lots of friends


Wardrobe: An assortment of hand-me-downs, mostly shirts and modified pants, lots of belts with bags and satchels attached
Jewelry: uh, basic horn adornments (metal bands, feathers, ect) and small gold earrings

Pets/Animals: Some frogs around her home, a crow she feeds sometimes

Owned Homes: a small house outside of Mockingbay (not officially in game yet, but is in her story)

General Inventory: Found herbs, pretty rocks, Alchemical ingredients, snacks, pend and paper
General Wealth: Not exactly in poverty but not well off either


Illnesses: N/A
Allergies: N/A
Injuries: N/A
Sleeping Habits: A workaholic, only really sleeps when she passes out at her work station or desk
Energy Levels: Generally high
Eating Habits: Eats either little bits all throughout the day, or all at once at night
Exercise Habits: Goes on long walks often, enjoys hiking
Memory: A bit spotty, but generally okay
Unhealthy Habits: Working herself to exhaustion, nibbling her fingers, not the best diet
Drinking Habits: N/A


Birthplace: The Eastern Frontier, specific location unknown

Childhood: A fairly regular upbringing, surrounded by a loving family group. She was particularly close with her mother, as she was the youngest of the 5 kids, making her the baby of the family. she began to learn a variety of weapon skills, but decided to pick archery as her favored form, continuing her training with her bow instead.

Teen Years: Things were still going good, and she began to learn alchemy and herbalism! She also began to feel wanderlust pulling at her, and often went on small expeditions around her home.

Adulthood: As she became a young adult, her family was forced out of her home and into a strange new land. This hasn't harmed her optimism though, and she even feels more free to do as she pleases, seeing as she lives separate from her family now! Though she still does visit them regularly, their bond as strong as ever.

Family History: Kakorra can trace her family tree back to the time of Vermella, and they often tell stories of great fights against wicked beasts. Even though nobody can truly prove these greats acts of heroism and the strength of their family in the face of these dangers, they take great pride in them and regard every word as gospel.

Past Places of Residences: The Eastern Frontier, and a brief stint as a refugee in Storm's Landing

Places Traveled: Basically went from The Eastern Frontier, to Storm's Landing, then to Mockingbay


Peaceful or violent: Prefers to avoid violence, but can fight fairly well and may initiate combat if provoked

Weaponry: A handmade bow from her mother, a quiver she made herself, and a bunch of arrows. also keeps a medium sized hunting/utility knife on her at all times

Combat Training: The basic training given to every young person in her culture, but practiced long and hard enough that she became decently skilled. with the help of her community an family, of course.

Training & Skills:
Basic Archery Training, Basic close quarters training,
decent cooking skills, moderate sewing, basic handyman skills
self-taught in alchemy, herbalism,
moderate first-aid knowledge
social prowess, largely adaptable

Other Trivia:

Occupation: Student (?), mainly unemployed
Favorite Types of Food: Fried Bread! Fruit!
Favorite Types of Drink: Milk! Juice!
Hobbies/Pastimes: Cataloging plants/animals encountered, gathering knick knacks and pretty things she finds.
Favorite Colors: Yellow, Green


Relevant Family Members: Mother, Father, Brothers and Sisters, Extended family (those up to 'great-great' are alive)
Romantic Interests: N/A
Trusted Friends: None yet, outside of family
Friendly With: Most people she meets
Loose Acquaintances: Also most people she meets
Disfavored Individuals: Mean, spiteful people, though she still tends to like 'grumpy' people
Hated: Cruel, Cold people (even if they have a reason)
Wary Of: Nobles, Strangers (for like 10 seconds)
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