Listening in on Roleplay


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Server Owner

We’ve recently had reported issues brought to our attention. I’ve heard and have seen people listening in on other roleplays occuring during regular rp hours. This would normally not be an issue if all parties were alright with it, but a situation has just occurred where someone took screenshots of a roleplay that occurred and sent it to another player, causing those involved to be upset about information being metagamed and folks being upset about what’s been said in-character enough to cause discord among players.

It’s difficult for us to prove someone’s listening in to take screenshots, admittedly, and it’s not a clear metagaming violation if none of the information is used in roleplay. However, when there’s enough people aware of the situation and folks being confronted over what they were privately saying in-character, that’s when we have a problem. This is not appropriate. It causes bitter, sour feelings out of character between more than one person. What players say and do in-character should not and do not reflect how one feels out of character. Even if it does, keep it to yourselves oocly.

If you find yourself in a situation where you’re sent screenshots or read things you don’t like by others who are only roleplaying their characters, then we implore folks to continue as they were and address it in-character if they were to find out the information, or leave it alone.

Demeaning folks personally is another query. You report it to staff to address.

If all members in rp-chat are alright with a lone observer, (asking before hand is good-form), then that’s fine. If you’re hanging around, or pretending to afk and run by to overhear, then that is not alright and won’t be tolerated. Reading in on player’s private roleplay is not good form, either. I have seen players crouching and hiding on dynmap to listen in on whisper chats as I check in on Console, personally, during off times.

I will personally teleport you, kick or tempban you for the remainder of other’s roleplay sessions. Other staff members have been asked to do the same. That’s not a good thing if we have to start moderating this. It makes players feel un-safe by being here and hurts us as a roleplaying community. We do not want this to happen. Please, be cautious and responsible for your actions.

This is Staff’s current statement. Thanks.