Medieval & Fantasy Minecraft Roleplaying

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Finished Mine Splonking - Saturday 4pm ET


"Something need doing?"


They say that the dwarves started mining up in this hill a while back, but soon they found that they were not alone.

Recommended Gear:
Ropes/Climbing Equipment
Weapons (Ranged + Melee)
Torches (Staves in HC)

( HC items only. )

Opal Blorbis83 Juvix_

When: Saturday 4pm ET.


IC Basis: Since her and Aislin's shop is temporarily closed, Maple is in need of some money to support them for the time being, but doesn't want to commit herself to an actual job. Instead, she's decided to take some friends to a ruin she'd found while out traveling in search of treasure - which sounds much more fun than a job anyway.
Overview: An expedition for treasure in some old ruins, preferably with some degree of combat mixed in! Said "treasure" can be in the form of radiants, shiny things, weapons... pretty much anything interesting.
Location: This can be anywhere.
Party Size: Four or less.
Rating: Violent
Preferred Date/Time: October 30th, preferably sometime like 12-1-2 PM EST? I am flexible though!

Status: Claimed by @Jase