Finished [Oct 11] Medical Lessons #1


Secretly Elz
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When: October 11th @ 6:30 EST
Where: Linlea. Specific location will be added later tonight
What: How to care for and dress wounds.

As per Elizabeth's gathering near the Citadel, she has organized with one of the local healers to do a lesson for the populace on basic wound care. With the upcoming expeditions, she is pushing for as many as possible to know basic care and survival in the event that one of the physicians and healers are unavailable in a pinch. Open to those looking to learn the basics, or refresh.

Ater Impes will be overseeing the lesson, and there will be seven open slots.

  1. Ayda Ayda
  2. Kethron Heie
  3. kam Kamaoe
  4. virnak Vincentius
  5. Asero Electric
  6. Joe JoeJoe
  7. Astrid Ruu
  8. Bonus: Elizabeth Kane lurking around
  9. Bonus: Ashna lurking around
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The Green One
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Teach me, I need to know how to make people not die so actual medical peeps can get to them. :l


Lord of Altera
now that there is a time attached, I see that I would be rather late. If slots matter, someone can take mine.


The Cinnamon Roll
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I could sign Ayda up. Try getting her into stuff again. If something opens up? And its Ater!