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Pizza Stains (Sketches)


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C: Keep them as they are since they look awesome


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EEEEEeeeeeeeeeee!!! It's so beautiful. All the anatomy and the lining, oh man- Sketches are so awesome. ;-; Those are some unique poses! I can't stop stariinggg. Akjaslkdjfasasdf'asld];k;alkasdh

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So this summer I decided to do a stained glass project. I was originally thinking of doing an otter... but I couldn't find a pre-made design I liked. Thus I searched elsewhere and realized that the "Witcher 3" wolf head would be somewhat easy to convert to a stained glass format. Thus, for all you Witcher fans... myself included... I did it~ Also, of course, all rights to the design go to 3d Projekt and the author of the books!

First Pic is the beginning stage... Got the whole piece in the proportions that I want it at.

The longest portion of the project is the glass cutting + grinding... half-way!

Next is wrapping it with copper tape, as the solder needs something to bind with~ Bottom teeth weren't done yet.
20150728_200017 (2).jpg

And of course, the finished product!
20150803_153248 (2).jpg
With some light behind... I don't have a string to hang it yet.
20150803_153402 (2).jpg


The Talking Pizza
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Stained glass is a fun past time... it is neat to see the image come together.... I have a fox one laying about that I did several years ago... I'll see about uploading it.


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So you're an outstanding roleplayer, an amazing builder, AND a fantastic artist?

...I'm not buying it.