Renting Property in Storm's Landing


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Sent. You asked for 300R, but I have docks and black market, so it should be 400R. I think.
Out of the three renting the blackmarket, I'm the one who will be responsible for the rent.
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As We All Know Rent's Due Every Month.
Failure to pay by the 30th or get in contact with me about your payment will result in the loss of rented properties.
I'm still holding possessions, and if anyone wants to collect those, please contact me.
The Pricing Is As Listed Below:
Black Market- 100r
Slums Market-200r
Dock Market- 300r
Slums- 500r
Middle Class- 1k
High Class -3k
Farms- 1k

☆Please post proof of payment once you have paid! It makes it easier on all of us.
Payment can be made to Warwolf (WarWolf_1) or Kamaoe (Kamaoe)

Rang3r0wns94 1000r
CreativeAJ 1000r
Kostadim 2000r
Elz 2000r
lycana 1000r
Kostadim 2000r
Elz 2300r
JoeJoe 1000r
Brave Rubber Duck 1000r
The Cartoon Witch 1200r
Shankster 2000r
Olligreen 1200r
Smurf 600r
Bartooliinii 300r
Shao 300r
Sizzix, Rygan, or Arken 6000r (Someone put you all down for rent, hence the tag. In the rent screenshot post if there's a preferred person for this.)
Hai_Paladin 4000r
Intal 500r
Luam 1000r
ironassassin 500r
Delta61251 500r
Arcana 500r
Niko 100r
Heie 100r
Vincentius 100r
NIAH 1000r
AntiVirus 300r
BrianAT16 300r
Sussurous 300r
Magic Intern 500r
Intal 500r
Methodomics 500r
Juvix_ 500r
blargtheawesome 1000r​
Kamaoe Luam
Liam will be taking over the manor I previously had in SL

Ruu Darling

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-IGN(s): Syphei
-Character Name(s): Jenette
-Build Area: Middle class
-Build Code: gimme this one
-Intended Use: Primarily a home


Lord of Altera
-IGN(s): Necro98
-Character Name(s): Dante Cromwyll
-Build Area: Ship Level
-Build Code: 001SY
-Intended Use: Home