[Resolved - Unbanned] Ban Appeal for discord


Lord of Altera
Hello! I am PCSwift#9754 on discord, and I am making an appeal to get unbanned from it. I posted a meme that was inappropriate for the server (Making fun of Harvey Weinstein and the accusations) And I am sorry I posted it there. I think I have been punished long enough.


Hi [Unsuspecting Comment], I'm Jazzper
Staff member
Although the Appeal itself is lacking in complexity, Staff has decided to unban you from the Community Discord.
As the Community Discord is a great way to stay in touch and socialize with the Community, we value players being a part of it.
Therefore, we have decided to give you one more chance. Any further breach of the Hollowworld Discord Guidelines (found here) will result in permanent expulsion from the Discord Server.

Thank you for your patience,