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[Semi-Private] Josiah Meadow's funeral


Official Alteran

"Josiah, I will make this right. As none of their forces did a death count."

The funeral of Josiah the Aspiring Tinkerer,
A loved human, but only by his family, people, and friends. Taken to soon by undead forces at The Bastion.
Everyone who ever spoke with Josiah knew his own interests and how excited he was about Korog with his family.
We shall carry his coffin through the echoing hearth from Korog's shrine and finally lay him to rest in the cemetery near the first public library,
in a stone and birch, with one of the books he loved so well. As are our customs with large events like this.
You may bring a gift to lay with Josiah in the place where he will find his eternal days of rest.
He shall surely in Korog's holy halls, smiling down on us, along with friends and kin.
Afterwards, a small paddle boat will be sent off lit on fire from Refined Fire Iron in honor of his Fire blessing he had.

12 [Friday]/ 9pm GMT / 6pm EST
The Coast (If you wish to join. You must ask beforehand)
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