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"Tes" | Tesryn Destrier

Arget Istalri

Legend of Altera
Lore Staff
Tes - Tesryn Destrier
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The simple pleasures are all I need.
I will earn them myself. My body is my own.
I don't need charity. Life is more exciting that way.

꘏ ꘏ ꘏ ꘏ ꘏ ꘏ ꘏ ꘏ ꘏ ꘏ ꘏ ꘏ ꘏ ꘏ ꘏ ꘏


Full Name - Tesryn Destrier

Tes" - It's a damn sight easier to say and remember. My name is my own.

Age - Early Twenties
Height - 5' 10"
Culture - Daoine
Languages - Common, Focail
Race - Human, Abyssal

Long and Short

I am a woman raised by the streets. I begged and I starved and I was punished for being homeless. It's not my fault for living this way. So I fought back. I found I was good at fighting. The streets have become my home; who needs a house when you have the perfect secluded spot on a roof? I know my truth. I am a vagrant, hardened woman, looking for the simple pleasures of life. A man once came to me when I was a wee lass. He offered eternal life. I have nothing better to do- I took his offer, and was made a vyre. I soon knew the hunger and succumbed, and I hated not having control. I take part in fights that involve money, and instead ask for other's blood if I win. It's easier that way. My sister can't stand this life, she thinks there's nothing pleasurable about it. She just doesn't understand that you don't need money to be happy. Just a full belly and entertainment.

꘏ ꘏ ꘏ ꘏ ꘏ ꘏ ꘏ ꘏ ꘏ ꘏ ꘏ ꘏ ꘏ ꘏ ꘏ ꘏

A streetfighter.
Why would you want more?
Focus on today.

꘏ ꘏ ꘏ ꘏ ꘏ ꘏ ꘏ ꘏ ꘏ ꘏ ꘏ ꘏ ꘏ ꘏ ꘏ ꘏


Pugilist -
Fists solve more problems than you could know. Always understand you have to get hit a little to punch back.

Hedonist -
Your position in life means nothing as long as you find ways to enjoy yourself. Why worry about the bad when you can enjoy the good?

Showman -
Isn't it more interesting this way? Become the center of the room. People will focus on your actions, and not your looks.

Cold-Blooded -
A day in the warm sun is much more preferable than standing in the cold. I don't know how Mouse stands it.

Ephemeral -
I never stick around with one person. It's too easy to get attached that way. Better to focus on having fun.

Disillusioned -
Romantic love is a stupid emotion. The only love I have is some residual fondness for my sister. Though I would never tell her that.

Grimy -
Why clean yourself up if you're immediately going to get dirty again? I'll make sure I still look nice- but the dried blood on my shirt has a certain charm.

Prideful -
You do NOT get to make choices for me. I'll do whatever the hell I want to.

Injured -
I wear my wounds with pride. I fought hard, and even if I lost, my body is resilient.

꘏ ꘏ ꘏ ꘏ ꘏ ꘏ ꘏ ꘏ ꘏ ꘏ ꘏ ꘏ ꘏ ꘏ ꘏ ꘏

My choice is my own.
Maybe one day I'll speak to you again.
We're too similar.
I want to be me,

And perhaps I'll forgive you one day,
For bringing me into this world.
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