The Followers of Vermella


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"The Caparii Queen has Risen"

informally founded by Salheira Rain-River and Elfa Hansdotter, the Followers of Vermella seek to spread Vermella's holy word, revive a dying religion, and rally an army to stand beside her in whatever battle is to come.

as far as cults go, the Followers of Vermella are disorganized. much of the old tradition has been lost. however, do not think this makes them any less devoted. for their own reasons, the Followers have each decided to believe in Vermella's existence as a true God of Red, and acknowledge her rule as Queen of the Caparii. each of them have decided they will aid Vermella, in her rise out of obscurity, and they have made their allegiances clear.

the Law of Red:

do not needlessly spill the blood of another living thing.
you must respect the life of every living thing, and respect their right to life.

you may only spill blood when your own life is in danger,
you may kill to hunt, or you may kill because you are hunted.
in nature, a predator is within their full rights to kill another, because they must kill to eat, and they must eat to survive. prey is also within their full rights to defend themselves against predators, for they need to survive as well. when a person is in danger for their life, they are obligated to defend themselves, to flee if they can, to fight if they must.

however, a weapon is a tool of cruelty, to be cast aside and never picked up. a true follower should not need to carry such things.

in Vermella's words, her doctrine is such:

1. Spill not needlessly the sacred red blood!

2. Respect yourself and your body as well as the bodies of all other creatures.

3. Pray fantastically upon each Blood Moon!

4. Honour the Divine Law.
a Follower who consistently breaks this law is a traitor, and shall be banished:

"As he forfeits the path, let it be known he will have no favour nor privilege. Hunt without the respect and prayer, and give not sacred to his blood."
(no word yet on whether Banishment should still be practiced. thankfully, none have yet had need to be banished since this decree.)

Houses of Vermella:
these are the chief places of Vermella worship. not a true church or shrine, these Houses are rather literal living spaces, a place for Vermella to stay when she travels aboveground to visit her followers. the full moon festivals are held in these houses and around them. their main feature is being made of stone and full to the brim with red things.

List of Houses of Vermella in the Northern Kingdoms:
  1. Falandraal, in the deepest tunnel
  2. Al'bathor, within the mines
The Heart Prophecy:
"I am the one of blood, of red, of livelyness and heart. Yet so be Sallana. There is turmoil, and soon there will be peace. But as the Prophecy speaks, the peace shall last not."
the original copy of the Heart Prophecy was destroyed by a follower of Ignis Synnove. it has since been dutifully copied, and is now in Salheira Rain-River's possession.
Between two pillars stand,
fertile ground, and breathing land
passion red
love unsaid

each will destroy the other if they can

she is of the moon,
of the seeping red,
known for passion
and not yet dead

she is the mother,
fruit to be borne
a master of charm,
of wit, of scorn

on this day,
sown was the seed,
for when they clash
only one will leave.​
the followers wait to act upon the words of this prophecy.
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List of the Followers:
  • Salheira Rain-River: Founding Member, Housekeeper of Vermella
  • Eyota Engem: highly trusted member
  • Elfa Hansdotter: Founding Member
  • Morna Rhett: Housekeeper of Falandraal
  • Nyari Raine
  • Jenny Wayward
The Duties of the Housekeepers:

the Housekeepers are simultaneously the priests/priestesses of the faith and also, quite literally, the housekeepers of the numerous Houses of Vermella. their duties are twofold:
  1. tend to the Houses of Vermella, keep them ready for any visitations or festivals
  2. stay true to not only the Law but also the Path of Red. keep the sacred texts, never carry a weapon, and teach the other followers how best to follow the Path.
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The Path of Red:

while the Law is the basic requirements of worship, the Path of Red requires more. by the Path, you learn how to more aptly follow the Law.