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The Revenant


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The Revenant is an individual lost to time, given one last lifeline from death that they can grasp hold of and haul themselves back into reality. With Archon's appearance into these Realms, he damaged and weakened the barriers that kept such order in place, and with him, brought forth a wave of the dead without any judgement to the type of lives they lived. Whilst Archon is the first to bring about these Revenants, it is possible for others to find ways to follow the pathways to renewed life, but these methods are vastly unknown.

These individuals have a full life with all the benefits and downsides it brings. They are mortal, as able to die as any other, they bleed and hurt no differently. They are able to have children, they age, but any magical abilities they may have had prior are often lost upon this return to life.

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Whilst no Revenants can be created as a result of Archon's direct meddling, they can be made through exceptionally rare instances and more as a part done in bargain or event chains, decided through lore/event staff. These characters once approved will be placed onto the roster below, but it should be clarified they are one life characters - In the sense they cannot be brought back with the Sisterhood/Brotherhood. If they seek return again, it has to be through other means, be it arcane revival or something else.

Children born from Revenants do not necessarily take on unique traits or legacy quirks - These questions should be directed to Lore to see what is possible for your character and character's children.​

Vladislaw Walanescu Sir Andrew Wallins
Gael von Dugald Scardrac
Brennard Westmay Mitch
Basil Phoenix blargtheawesome
Jeor Varyn Arken
Khorug Bartooliinii
Kristoff BoredBrit
Halvor Varvik Arcana
Brix Tideborne
Star ToastySpam
Corven Rhodes Squidziod
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This has been updated - I do not believe there are any outstanding Revenants by now but this has been approved by lore to allow the possibility of Revenants in a different fashion to Archon (in time, and with effort) as well as some guidance on unique qualities/traits and revival.