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Active Now The Sanctification,dedication of the lands.


Lord of Altera
LDeIXbw - Imgur.png

Dater: 6/13/21
Time: 4pm EST
Where: Onora.

fYhsFXR - Imgur.png

The garden has begun to sprout workers have come invited from the various gods and faiths to work on the temple devoted to valiant offering their skills and expertise from their respective gods to make the finest gardens, the most beautiful and comfortable bathhouse, and saunas. This place devoted to the healing of warriors to tend to their physical and psychological needs. While being a focus of warriors of all kinds to come and learn the arts of law, justice how to represent the people in law, and teaching them honor and the way of the warrior in life and what it means to serve. This is a use of oils to consecrate the garden shrine and to give over the land itself fully in dedication to valiant for as the temple grows steadily it.

Specifically invited:

The warriors of Theodora Aryn Lannis (don't get lost in the trees) Thryss Lenore Dayton Joseph12Q Mairian mageaegis Aelyth Elz Candy cane

All valiant warriors except the murder stabby kill other valiant ones

Brairwood Retro

Tae Tae and fam The_VALKYRIE

Sophie Lovelyninja567

For any divine things
GhostKairo Adam/Byrne

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