The Spectral Plane

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Seven Realms of the Afterlife

The Forgotten Realm - Figments of the gods and immortal kings who died swim here.. They have no form, no semblance of identity and no power. It is a small realm, filled with teal/grey mists of sorrow, desperation, and woe. There is no light and no warmth.

Realm of No Return - Broken souls who are weak and shattered are sent here. The realm is cold and windy. Occasionally- souls that are entrapped by contract to a divine or divine creature are chained here, underground, as the Grey Lady will not touch them unless their ties are relinquished.

Realm of the Damned - Those who have greatly sinned are sent here. The land is dark as the nether, hot- red- and burning. All souls are chained by the ankles and necks with what looks to be black, iron bounds. They are forced to mine underground- day in and day out for absolutely nothing. Painful memories flash before them on the constant, never to forget their sins. Screams and crying tend to fill the air.

Limbo - A muted world, lacking color and distinction, but hues of purple and white tend to flicker in the fogs. Grey and white mists fill the realm and shapeless souls float around as if at the top of the seas, awaiting judgement when their time comes or simply existing. It is in this realm- some decide to return to Shalherana, Skraag manages to steal those inclined for the damned realms, or Animancers manage to snatch a willing soul or spirit for themselves.

Realm of Reward - The land of milk and honey. The landscape is green, golden and grey- the skies always blue. Foreign, passive creatures roam as do exotic flowers. The skies are filled with curled clouds. Those who have pleased the Lady in living a modest or grand life are sent here, whether they were faithful, inclined to the arcane, or not. Happy memories are always apparent- and pain is not an issue. These souls live in peace and bliss. It is said that those who have done well in their lives will be allowed to return again to Altera after a hundred years, reborn in life, but with no memory of it.

The Divine Field - Those who have a Divine’s blessing are granted a chance to float upon the realms of their patrons. Their duration in the Celestial Realms depends upon their duration of faith. After their time is up, they are sent here, to the Divine Field. Mostly Neutral or Good aligned followers are accepted. They relive most of their praise-worthy moments in life and are allowed to freely move between this realm and the realm of Reward to see loved ones.

The Grey Lady’s Bounty - A small realm that appears to be vast. The land is dominated by the colors of purple, white and grey- There is a constant faint moon that hangs high above and stars sprawl around it. This is her domain and only the most faithful of faithfuls are allowed to reside here and move through her other realms with permission, forbidden to touch anything in their forms.

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