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The Token Exchange

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Hello Everyone!
As you all know, voting is a crucial part of promotion for any server, so the PR team has come up with a new system to further encourage voting and to reward those players for their continued support of the server. As such, from this day forward, players will receive a 'Voting Reward Token' for every 25 votes alongside their usual rewards, which can be exchanged for a variety of items at the new token exchange vendors. These vendors are located in a new settlement called 'The Crossroads', with a small tavern and various places to purchase items (which can be expanded on in time).


The vendors can be found at /warp crossroads, but there are some rewards that must be handed to a member of staff to be given the reward. Below is a full list of what is possible:

One Token;
An item of 'Blooded Silver'.
An item of 'Eizholz Wood'.
An item of 'Glimmersteel'.

Two Tokens;
An item of 'Spidersilk'.
An item of 'Drakodo Bone'.
An item of 'Drakodo Hide'.
An item of 'Emberlark Beak'
An item of 'Arbori Hide'
An item of 'Loose Emberfur'.
An item of 'Pure Mirrorwood'.

Three Tokens
"Dedicated" in-game title.

Five Tokens;
A custom title!
A title of your choice, providing it is fitting with 'medieval fantasy'.

Ten Tokens;
A 'Big Voter' banner on the forums & "Supporter" in-game title.

Twenty Tokens;
Custom entry & exit messages.
A set of entry and exit messages, must include your username.

We hope that this new initiative will not only help promote our server to a whole new group of roleplayers, but also show our appreciation for the dedication that this community continues to display each and every day. Happy voting!


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