The Wedding of Andre Ursae and Rosaleen Lemaire 5pm 3/3/19


Lord of Altera
On this day Andre Charles Ursae and Rosaleen Lemaire have been engaged with the help of their daughter Brair the proposal came upon a cliff by the lake side under the moonlight as its rays shown down upon the family. The wedding is to be planned soon with a tentative date of 3/2/19 all friends family and those who wish to arrive may come and join the couple on their happy occasion. A time will be worked out as well as more details of the wedding itself to follow with personal invitations to be sent out to those that the couple personally invite.

Andre and Rose
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Lord of Altera
You are cordially invited to the Wedding of Andre Ursae and Rosaleen Lemaire

Dear Sir or Madame your are invited to the wedding of Andre Ursae and rosaleen Lemaire on 3/3/2019 at the according time 11amEST the theme is the colors of the grey lady

You are allowed to bring yourself and one other to the wedding itself and have a choice of the following dishes.

First dish choice

Buttery Lobster with buttery dip, stuffed baked potato and ice cream for dessert.

Second Dish choice.

Honey sweet glazed pheasant with stuffing served with corn and green beans with a slice of devil chocolates cake with cherry topping.


Rosaleen Lemaire and Andre Charls ursae

sent to

blargtheawesome Emporer nwalme
Elz Nylarii
Squidziod el moghul
Jazzper milah or thor agir smash
Solus Guest or Priestess
ShaolinPunk Priest or guest
RagingLunacy Bliss or god goat
Kamaoe Kam smash
NIAH Elizabeth

Lannis Charles
Niko moghul
Heie Keth
Ruu Sugar goat

Omikuji kopii
HogoShi_Kitsune mint
Shankster leo
French Roast Kitrana

and open to anyone and everyone I missed that knows the either of the pair well.
another batch will be sent out for the brides guests when I get names musicians and servants also welcome for some paying work.

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