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- ] The Huntress [ -
The Goddess of Beasts, Survival, Wisdom, Hunting, Traps, and the Wilderness


When Shalherana first created the beasts, the wild creatures, and the forests- She brought together wayward figments to create a spirit of the wild. This creature was pure with the unbridled strength and ferociousness of the very lands it represented. It was the cunning of every lynx, the unrestrained fury of every wolf, the formidable presence of every bear and the sway of every tree in the soft wind. The nobility of each stag and perseverance of every river. As the first ten-thousand Elves stepped upon the worlds, they avoided the deep woods. For the spirit was there, and it knew not ‘mercy’.

Through the diligence and graces of the very lands themselves, the spirit's wild forests lured wayward folk, among them were elves who abandoned their high societies. The spirit came into form then- Theodra, they called her. She taught the Forest Elves and wild Caparii the secrets of the beasts and brush. Of fauna and flora. Of the Hunt, of Honour, and of Responsibility. She shared the precious secret of Silverwoods, the Steelwood and the one true perfect wood for a Bow- to the most faithful ones, and only them.

She was never once merciful, and they never sought mercy.

As the Corruption began to encroach upon her lands, Theodra took upon herself the horn of the First Ram. She crafted a bow using spun weave from the First Spider. Upon her feet were blessed the movement of the winds, and upon her form the strength of Silverwood. And then she fought. Through perseverance, she fought still- against Adlred's beast. Being a prevalent opponent against the creature and the first to hunt him down, she grew strength and fought with a flurry of blows to protect the realm.

Faithful of The Huntress are often found deep within the wood on dangerous hunts as rites of passage. Their stalwart faith means they will pursue their prey until they are physically incapable of doing so. Devouts can be known to form bands of hunters that pursue men, demons, and other entities that could bring ruin to Altera. It is rare to see The Huntress's followers back down, or to show mercy upon that which snarls.

Holy Symbol:
A brown bow of green and silver ivy curled against an arrow, drawn taut.

True Neutral

- The Huntress
- The Great White Wolf

Tenets of the The Huntress:
~ You shall pray before each hunt and pray upon each meal.
~ You shall defend your family, home, and honor.
~ You shall resist temptation, the allure of gluttony and the urge to kill without need.
~ Let not your body fall into disrepair, for the way of the sloth is a disrespect to the lands that allow you to live.
~ Do not give mercy, and do not expect it.
~ Do ensure to perform your duties unscrupulously, and to completion.
~ Do not sit idle in the face of a threat. Take up your bow and track it to the source.

Temples, Cathedrals, or Shrines:
- The Forests are her hunting grounds
- Stoltfar has a Sacred Wood that holds a shrine/temple to Theodra
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Appearance: Although the Gods no longer walk the realm as they once did, ancient texts still scribble furiously over their details.
Theodra favored to appear as a forest elven woman, wild in appearance. Or as a great white wolf.

Official Artwork:


By Michcat !



By Serfla707 !



By Bartooliinii !

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