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This is the arms race of the century


Survivor of Five Rivers
I began getting back into art fairly recently, pretty much around when quarantine started, and it has resparked my passion for it, and brought on a dedication to finally get actually decent at it. Especially being around this community of amazing artists and roleplay, the inspiration is unending.

Now THIS piece of work comes out of absolutely nowhere and decides they want to get good at art too, and have caught up to my level at an alarming speed.
Therefore, I hereby declare war on Sussurous, we will meet on the field of battle and you will be crushed under my feet.

Here are the progress pics to start off the assault:

July 10th - Mira

July 13th - Mira again

July 24th - Maebh, Tylla, and Silk Tongue

September 14th - Jocasta as Tifa
jo Tifa.png

September 18th - Lana as Elizabeth
elizabeth Lana.png

September 27th - Vyre Mira / Silk Tongue

October 4th - Vyre Mira

as an aside, this is basically going to be mine and Suss' shared art thread to push each other to improve
just a friendly competition
but I will win


Survivor of Five Rivers

everybody wants to see this happen

The entire reason I got into this predicament is that y'all keep making good art and I get jealous and me being the spiteful gremlin I am, I want going to spend hours on self-improvement. Seriously, spent about my entire life ignoring art and then suddenly I find out I actually like it because y'all made me wanna try it out.

So because of that, in my normal aggressive complimentary manner
I would like to vehemently thank the following:
Drbrownca: Prank'd, this is actually a uncompliment. An insult, even. I'm gonna dunk on your art so hard. The arms race takes no survivors.

Magic Intern: My unrequited rival who doesn't care I'm trying to catch-up to their level.
Elz: While your art is leagues better than mine(to the degree I can't really compare mine own to it), still it serves as an inspiration; And I'll catchup, eventually. Fear me.
Mudpaw: You have a really neato style, and the compliments are nice.
Yuki: Your monthly art challenge helped get me into this whole 'art' thing.

My artworks will likely be included with 'retrospectives' a bunch of text wrapped up in a spoiler about my thoughts on the piece.
I'm doing this for two reasons
1: Some people might not want have giant essays clogging up their screen about some persons minecraft OC crossover for obvious reasons
2: I have the tendency to sound like... I'm fishing for compliments, being overly deflective of my work and the effort put in. Reality is: I'm simply aware of all the mistakes
Anyways if you want to read big long printouts about my personal thoughts, it's there. If not, it's out of the way.

The Artwork up to this point:
Maple: 2020/08/26
-This one speaks for itself, first attempt drawing. Hair has... issues


Thryss: 2020/09/05
-Fun scarf and posing, but the hair is still super flat, lines are messy.


Thryss Attempt Two: 2020/09/10
-Looking straight outta sharktale. I tried to do perspective without understanding perspective.


Maple as Annie(From League) 2020/09/21
-Done as part of Yuki's monthly challenge. This was the first of the pictures that were 'finished.' Initally I was doing much more of a traditonal shading style, but got frustrated and decided to play with colours and brushes instead. I'm in a love-hate with the result.


Jenette as the Song(From Furi) 2020/09/21
-This one I wanted to experiment with the colouring I had going on previously, it's a little more coherent this time.... as long as you ignore anatomy and posture.

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Survivor of Five Rivers
I will make my first submission

Maebh but she's a yugioh


ignore that theres no body below that arm, it's er--- a stylistic choice.
(didn't get lazy)

Like 90% of my art so far, I would call this 'unfinished'
The big detriments are all things that can't be 'solved' by simply taking more time on the piece.
Instead I need to spend more time on hand studies, perspectives, foundations, and create a better sketch that has better fundamentals.
Simply put: to 'finish' this piece to my liking, I'd have to spend hours learning things and then come back to it.
I'd rather just accept that I'm not proud of the end product, and make a better one in the future.

In general: I was originally mimicking the yugioh artstyle(the eyes, anime hairspike, small lineweights animation use), but then halfway I started experimenting and instead playing with the piece in ways I hadn't before... I'm starting to sense an ongoing theme with my art.

Some Pros:
The overlayed watercolour is a neat aftereffect that I quite like, I'd like to experiment with more textures and technical art methods.
+The markings on the hood came out way better than I thought they would, it's the heart of the piece despite the fact I added them at the very end because I had forgotten Maebh had them at all
+The airbrushing on the shirt and hood mesh well with the celshading, when they're lassooed in and used as highlights for clothes. Soft edges and hard edges work best together and all

Some Cons:
Those hands and arms. Yowch.
-Hair is STILL flat, I had a good thing going with that anime-esque spikes, but then I got to the side of the hair and didn't really sell the three-dimensionality.
-Lineweights are all over the place and super unbalanced, need to think more as I'm inking instead of just letting the pressure go where it goes
-I did get the important symbols of Maebh into the picture(Cat, Magpie, Third eye) but they're mostly relegated to a very uninteresting duel disk, which is lacking because I don't know how to quite detail such mechanical things. I think I want to spend some time drawing mechanical weapons or of a similar nature next.
-The celshading is... awkward. Shading is something I still haven't really wrapped my head around fully, and just need to experiment more with it. More minor details scattered around, instead of these big blocks. I think a more coherent foundational linework will do wonders as well.

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Survivor of Five Rivers
My rebuttal:

helltaker mira.png

Mira but she's Malina from Helltaker (2020/10/07)

Good: I am getting consistent enough at portions and figure drawing that I don't really need to make a full body reference before jumping into the finer details + adding clothing and what have you. In general I think the clothing colouring and such turned out pretty good

Bad: I still don't have a consistent and comfortable way of painting yet, must experiment more. Clothing folds are fuckin all over the place. Face proportions are a little janky. Hair and skin shading just looks straight up bad.

+ bonus whatever this is idk I had inspiration late at night

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Survivor of Five Rivers
Aelyth (2020/10/08)

Mystery Fighter (2020/10/10)


with each new drawing my power only grows
you are helpless to resist Sussurous
in the words of the immortal hedgehog of old:
You're too slow



Survivor of Five Rivers
--Current Theme--
(and possibly intern has joined the competition)

there really isn't any hard rules for themes, but we've each picked out one, and we'll be going through them at whatever rate we feel like.
Regardless, here's my first submission for the theme of weapons(of likely four)

The next themes will be
Backgrounds (Chosen by Brownca)
Animation (Chosen by Intern)

"Please aim carefully and eliminate the target"


This originally started as an exercise of starting to learn perspective, but halfway through I really wish I could have done a painterly style as well; Alas I'm still really new to colouring and couldn't quite get it to work, so I'm still quite unhappy with the colouring.

Some Pros
The chromatic aberration effect on that lighting works great, and I think I picked a pallet for it that really suited the effect.
+The coloured lineart was more of a last minute touch, but I think it gives some really interesting character, glowing the respective colours at the barrels before receding into being near invisible.

Some Cons
The perspective gets REALLY wack around the trigger, and I'm still really unhappy with it. Sadly after messing up the trigger a dozen times, I decided I couldn't be bothered to care anymore.
-I would have liked to spend a little more time on the lightning, make it reach further into the barrel and sell how it interacts and touches the metal of the gun more. It's a little too just 'pasted on' and doesn't quite interact with the piece to sell it's presence on the gun itself. Too detached.


Survivor of Five Rivers

You thought this was OVER????

While you were out partying and having fun,


that butt hot.png

Fox drafting her love poem to Thryss while she does some archery practice
Referenced from here: [x]

"That Butt Hot"

The day I saw that poem (after recovering from laughter) I had this idea in my mind
and I knew I had to get REAL good in order to do it justice

And here we are.

I guess this sort of counts as backgrounds, and I jumped over weapons but I'll come back for it I swear

This painting taught me a great deal about brushes, backgrounds, professional scribbling and workflow. While it looks good, and it's by far the most complicated thing I've created yet, I'm not entirely happy with it. A huge portion of my time practicing has been about finding a painting style that I like, and then figuring out how to emulate it. Yet no matter how many times I've gone at it, it always falls short. They look passable, but it's just not.... to my tastes. It doesn't feel comfortable, it's not what I'm seeing in my head. But I can't seem to find it, no matter how many tutorials I look up, I still can't find the right workflow to reach the goal I want. I am getting there though, and this huge undertaking is proof of that.

Am I still not satisfied? Yes. I am a massive perfectionist. I questioned even uploading this one because it doesn't reach my standards. That's why I haven't uploaded in so long, nothing I've made has been up to snuff.

Is that a terribly negative way of thinking? Oh ya. But it also gives me drive to continue pushing myself until I reach my own unreasonable standards. Some day.


Storm's Landing Wanderer
Beautiful stuff. The only thing I could recommend is to throw in the Bob Ross tree technique in the mountains to sort of define the trees. Like where you do horizontal lines that look like branches, here is a pic:

It'd be a lot of simple and mind-numbing work, but it might make the background up to your satisfaction. And that small detail might make the background pop and look even MORE amazing.

This is not at all criticism btw, the art is amazing and I love it. I only add this because I noticed the lil blurb at the botttom and wanted to try and help out where I could.

I am Wake

The Rose
Why do all talented artists believe their work is bad when they create a masterpiece?
This is seriously impressive artwork and deserving of so much more attention


Lord of Altera
also! something i've picked up from my own attempts at big scenes with greenery, is that you need slightly different color tones as you go back. You have the right idea making everything lighter as it gets farther away, but you could up that a little bit more by either adding a small gradient or making every step back look a little bit more blue toned, to match with the sky. that's advice ive heard a lot in my journeys, and while it might not change much, it could be cool to try! as ive said, i love you and your art, and no matter what you make i'd love to see it


Legend of Altera
I love this with a passion but I can't help but crack up at the: "do you take constructive criticism" at yourself it's so funny for some reason dhfhj


Loyal Servant of Altera
I will forever thank Suss for blessing my thread with such a masterpiece. And now you, for creating another masterpiece in reference.

I still cry laugh over “That Butt Hot” to this very day.


Survivor of Five Rivers
done a lot of mind numbing grinding so have a dump of whatever demons have inhabited my mind recently



dont ask.png




random tree.png