[Unbanned] Mapboy's Appeal

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The wrong.
Good morning.

I have thought a bit about how to go about putting this as concise as I can - I apologize for any rambling.

I am not going to provide any excuse or justification for the actions I took, for the trust that I muddled into the ground. I was given an incredible opportunity to work with incredible people, and I squandered it. I recognize that and I do not feel there is any "angle" in which to view it from a better light.

As that is the case though, the only thing I can ask for is a chance to redeem things, to put things right. I am well aware that I will almost certainly never be any position of trust again, that my character is tainted as a person and I hold a great guilt for that - but I also recognize that in light of some of the stresses around, HollowWorld is an amazing community that never fails to put a smile on my face, especially when I get to chat with other people and have them laugh as well.

I make a proposal that I will put my efforts into repaying every radiant that was wrongly taken, and rebuilding what was wrongly built. I say that knowing that it will no doubt take a while, and that it will no doubt make me frustrated some days - but it's not a decision that is up to me to make. If I want to work on the projects I wish to, then I have to carry my own weight. Such should be expected of anyone, especially anyone put in a position of trust.

I don't expect open arms of being back around, but I at the very least ask for the opportunity to make up for what I did, no-doubt under a watchful eye.

I'm not sure what else to say, honestly. HW has been an incredible experience for me, and getting to speak with friends on the server, or my own sister - I think it underlines the amazing times that I threw in the bin. It's eh .. hard to listen to some of the wacky stories and know that you can't do anything, even more-so because of your own actions.

All I can ask is for a chance - whether deserved or not, I honestly don't know - but I want to demonstrate that the time taken to reflect on all of this hasn't escaped me, and that it's given me a greater appreciation for the magnitude of what I did and who it affected.

Thank you for your time, and your consideration.



Hi [Unsuspecting Comment], I'm Jazzper
Staff member

Your appeal and case have been reviewed by Moderation, and we have chosen to unban you. Due to the nature of your ban, your Donation rank will not be returned.
Hollowworld is a community, and one of the cornerstones of communities is trust. You yourself acknowledge that you damaged the trust given, but you have spent enough time away from it to reflect. Do consider this a second chance, and make the best of it.

Before you return, please make sure that you have thoroughly read and understood the information provided within the Player Conduct subforum.
In case there are any questions regarding the rules, feel free to inquire with Moderation.

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