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Upcoming Valiant and Sallana festival


Official Alteran


As Golden Coast as growing, so does their celebrations. Posters would be put up of a new shrine that is currently being worked on by a Korogite for Valiant and Sallana worshipers to go to of a fountain. To honor the gods they're having a get together with a feast due to Sallana's harvest and Shallhera's growth.

There will be a fight. If you want to join please put your name underneath. There will be rules below.
1) Please nobody manned
2) Major is the knock out blow or the yielding point (This includes magic)
3) And most important. Have fun!

1) Leofwine
2) Faith
3) Glory
4) Marley

OOC: No prize sadly. It'll work till first to yield or knock unconscious Major wound will be unconscious since I don't want anyone dying in this event and somewhat peaceful. If you're a Valiant or Sallana child feel free to gather bringing wine or food. Of course, honor bound rules. Oh yeah, mages can join. Just keep in mind of planar convergience. There will be a spar / fighting area. I have stuff going on Saturday so I'll be updating this for more details in the rp section on sunday.

Who: Semi-Public / Public
When (subject to change): October 20 / 3:00 am PST // 6:00 pm EST // 5:00 pm CST
Where: An up-and-coming city (Send a tpa or a dm on discord. Si10k/TRASHR1)
What: To gather and celebrate their achievements of friends. It's to celebrate the valiant and Sallana boys n girls.
Rating: Moderate / Peaceful (I don't want to deal with anyone dead or manned)
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