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- ] The Fearless [ -
The God of Justice, War, Loyalty, Courage, Defence, Honor and Unending Endeavor


In the Beginning, Harateth and Jishrim were caught in a rivalry that would last immortal lifetimes. They fought and whispered to the Primal Forces of the worlds- With each of their whispers, they fathered the twins of Valor and Kilrox. And so their children, too, felt a rivalry so strong, they took up arms in front of their fathers and fought. Both Kilrox and Valor created legions that rose and fell, and their warring lasted eons upon eons - With no clear victor ever emerging.

Korog, a being of Neutrality, soon saw in his wisdom that none could end such a war. He saw to it that he must mediate to ensure the safety of the cosmos, the Void. He, too, whispered to the Primal Forces and from Blood and Steel was Skeira born- she ripped a sword each from Kilrox and Valor, besting them in combat then and there. Skeira cast them back unto their Fathers and slew the holy legions, ending the great war. And thus began a cold war between all three, a strained peace of sorts.

During such, Skeira aided her knowledge of Warriors to Shalherana, creating together the Caparri. But soon, all three of the War Gods saw that fighting was needed at the front lines against the forces of Corruption, against Queen Grief. Each of them fought valiantly and well. Upon no small effort was Queen Grief defeated, but she and her armies of Naught were defeated nonetheless. Each Divine of War dispersed... and came together yet again, against the return of Corruption in Harateth.

But.. there came a shift. Kilrox fell to the tricks of his Father, Jishrim, and the balance of three was upset. Seeking to remove Kilrox, Valor attacked him upon his weakened state. As they battled a thousand battles in the time of mere moments, Skeira stepped in to end the foolishness once and for all. They formed to coalesce, each ultimately vanquishing and saving the other to form. Blades clashed and metal rang in the air. When the dust of a thousand blades settled, there stood .. Crusade, gallant in armor.

Time ebbed on, mortals waged war, but then came the Holy War where Crusade was filled with purpose. He met with Rahas, the god of Justice and son of Shalherana, upon the bloody prophesied field. As Tyrants rose, it was in the name of Rahas they were struck down. He lead the People against Corruption when it infected the others of the Pantheon, withstanding divine might from all sides. And now, he faced a Tyrant-like creature- bent on destroying all that the gods hold dear.
Rahas had turned to aid the people as Silas had... and yet he was betrayed, by those same people whom he had fought to save. By a direct attack from one of the most devout -- a Blessed of Ignis -- he was felled, and in that moment he offered what he could to Crusade. So long as the essence of honor and loyalty still thrives in the people's hearts, Crusade was to defend the mortal realm in his stead. In sight of the prospect of an unending war against the darkness that always found its way into the world, Crusade swiftly took up Rahas's fallen blade.

After striking the Betrayer down, they conjoined, merging to form a being anew with purpose- A God of Justice and War. Crusade accepted no excuses for evil acts and had a compassion for the mortal people. With a great sword in hand, he fought.. and fought.. and fought til Aldred's creature was consumed by Jishrim with the aid of others. Valiant in his wake, he was to fight the evils of the realm, forever more.

It is said that knights, squires, mercenaries and servicemen may feel a purpose, still, to follow in Crusade's line. Time may tell when the realm's next war shall take place. He will be ready.

Holy Symbol:
A blue shield with a downward facing metallic greatsword that sometimes has a red gleam

Lawful Good

-The Descendant
-The Crusader

Tenets of the The Valiant:
-Pledge with good faith. For Honor binds you
-Fester not thy body to disrepair
-Meet thy sword of words and blade in fields of diplomacy and war
-Defend those that cannot defend themselves
-Do not betray thy companions or thy people
-Cower not upon thy enemy's field

Temples, Cathedrals, or Shrines:
  • A shrine of a Greatsword has been crafted in Blackrush and dedicated to Valiant.
  • A temple to Valiant can be found at the end of a pilgrim's path, south of the Blackrush Crossing.
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HollowWorld's Announcer
Appearance: Although the Gods no longer walk the realm as they once did, ancient texts still scribble furiously over their details.
Crusade favored to appear as a figure in armor- there is no knowing what face it holds beneath it.

Official Artwork:


By Michcat !


By Raal !


By Bartooliinii !

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