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Name: Vamei
Full Titles: -
Nickname/Alias: -


Age: 49
Gender: Female
Race: Makani
Clan: LeiMakani
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Height: 5'9
Weight: 110 lbs
Homeland: Vata'inu
Current Home: Storm's Landing

Build: Like most Makani Vamei has a slightly muscular upper body, though it doesn't seem as much as others of her race do to her tall nature.
Feathers: Coloration resembles that of a Cockatoo, pure white in nature besides the feathers atop her head and her tail feathers which are a bright and vibrant yellow.
Eyes: The eye itself is a purple black color, surrounded by a ring of bright vibrant blue feathers.
Beak: A very dark gray, nearly black.
Identifying Marks: Her yellow feathers and blue rings around her eyes.
Scars: -
Voice: -

Wardrobe: Wears a simple light blue and white tunic that clings to one shoulder and hangs loosely down to around the knees.
Carried Inventory: A very small needle like bone 'knife', use to carve wax, a few things of wax and string.
General Wealth: Uncaring for Wealth

Strengths: Gliding, Sculpting, Devote, Loyal, Cheerful, Wise.
Fears: Groundlings/Demons, Indoors
Weaknesses: Zenophobic, Skittish, Quick Tempered
Languages: Yakai
Profession: Candle Maker

Art by @Myself
Base and Overall Inspiration Elz

Personality: Vamei is, in general, a cheerful and helpful Makani, often seen around Vata'inu helping others within her clan and Po's every so often. A very charitable Makani, though not overly so, knowing she needs to keep some of her possessions and crafts for herself and for trading. Despite her cheery nature, she is rather quick tempered when challenged or offended and isn't afraid to speak her mind as long to another Lei or Po.
Religion or Cults: The Will of Manna
Alignment: Neutral Good
Short Term Goals:
-Get away from the Groundlings
Long Term Goals:
-Find other Makani
-Find a place to Roost

Birthplace: Vata'inu
Backstory: Vamei was born on the island of Vata'inu just one day past the bright moon. It is rumored her mother tried to keep from having birthed the day before, for fear of her child having to go through the A’keiyah trial, though this is all speculation as she died due to complications in birth. Vamei was the third and youngest child, having two older brothers who resemble her and her mother closely. Their father took on the weight of both parents and rose the children for a few years on his own. Making what money he could writing sonnets for the various festivals throughout Vata'inu.

Despite only having one parent Vamei's childhood was anything but harsh, she was a very cheerful child from a very young age. Bringing smiles to many of the island's residences. Most of which thought she would grow up to be a performer like her mother but something about that life never appealed to her.

She continued to grow and blossom in her caring environment, receiving the admiration of her father many female mates throughout his life. By the age of 16, she was taking to the skies with the best of them, gliding with ease through the trees and clouds. She always felt best when way up in the sky, slowly floating her way back to the ground.

It wasn't until Vamei was in her late 20s that she discovered her love of sculpting as well, apprenticing under an older woman by the name of Mava. The woman showed her all she knew about sculpting, carving and creating the best of candles. By 30 Vamei was well known for her abilities and was getting requests from all the clans to provide for their festivals and roosts. Having everything she could ever dream of she began to give back to her community, creating candles for some of the Po's she had come to know, contributing to festivals out of desire, instead of need.

Vamei believed that the Will of Matta gifted her with all the success she had gotten over the years and it was this thought that led to her becoming very devoted to her. Sculpting numerous candles and offering them to the A'keiyah as a show of faith. Growing close to some of its members. She heard many a story about the groundlings, their pantheon and a bit of their speech. The ideas of these demons living below them terrified Vamei and only served to increase her faith. Hoping that she would never have to come in contact with one..

Past Places of Residences: Vata'inu
Places Traveled: Vata'inu

Peaceful or violent: Peaceful
Weaponry: -
Combat Training: None

Place: Vata'inu
Pastime: Wax Sculpting
Food: Rabit
Drink: Honey'd Goat Milk
Colour: Bright Blue
Animal: Goat

Least Favourite...
The Ground
Pastime: Swimming
Food: Beetles
Drink: Water
Colour: Brown
Animal: Cat

INSPIRATIONS: Niah 's amazing bird lore!

My in-game name is: BrainAT16/BrainzAT16/BrianAT16
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The Brainz
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Tevis - A Makani of the Vei clan, she trusts him to keep them safe in these hard times and likes to look to him for guidance. Warwolf


Keema - She really likes Keema and wishes they were not thrust into the new world together. She hopes that her negotiations with the groundlings go well and that many more can join them. Niah
Tei - He is rather quiet but she knows he is just agjusting to this new place just like herself. She hopes they can make it through this together. Narvendel




Eltsir - Keema seems to be willing to negotiate, she hopes that he says is true and they they are not enemies. But her encounters with some others say different. @Eltsir
Ventare - Unsure, he seems to want to help, but until he delievers on his promise she will keep a distance. ShaolinPunk
Star - A foolish girl who Vamei doesn't understand. She wishes she did not have to stay with them, but she is their only bargaining chip. ToastySpam

Groundlings - They're all monsters who seek to tie them up and destroy them. She fears them more than anything.


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