A Speech to the Council


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@The Courier

((this is a thread rp taking place in whatever UN-like council all the HW representatives go to. its a thread because the speech was too long to just put on the message board. its also going to be multiple parts. if you're taking OOCly, put it in parentheses))

Housekeeper Tali Mellanera enters the council room, nodding to everyone present. she ventures to the central podium, as Housekeeper Veritas Milari of Petra Veyr, and Housekeeper Nihere Pausina of Sangue Lune accompany her, taking their seats at Corvermell's table. Prophet Adam Filonsky is with Mellanera, having entered in a way that @The Courier would describe ((right, nick?)).

Housekeeper Mellanera clears her throat to speak.

ā€œ greetings everyone. I am Housekeeper Tali Mellanera, here with Prophet Adam Filonsky to discuss our joint findings regarding the war crimes committed by the Legisan government. and we have quite a bit of information now! Prophet Filonsky, you may speak first. ā€œ


Lord of Altera
(why is the god-emperor of a nation the guy in attendance, and not an ambassador or rep?)
[because he sits on his butt all day doing nothing anyways, everything is run by a local Municipal council, and hes better with diplomacy then administration]


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The Patriot of the Coconut/Jungle Kingdom of Sprakia sits patiently looking Mellanera straight in the eyes, despite Filonsky being speaker.

Click the spoiler for a photo of The Patriot.


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Prime Minister Yuriban, who still needs a portrait to let you behold him, would have slowly shrunk any smile he may have had off of his face as he leans forward focuses on the speaker, his own experience of being on the wrong end of fighting a nation that commits war crimes filling him with a degree of interest towards the entire affair.
((Also, Nak Nak))


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*the ambassador sent by the Arcturixian Imperium, Chancellor Archibald of the house of Varius, is spending most of his time sleeping, doing disgracious rants about how all other countries are pitiful, joking with the ambassadors of his allies, and surfing the Arcterweb.*



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The royal twins, children of the great Diortcha and representatives of Endisti enter the room quietly for the first time taking a seat somewhere in the back.


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((We should make a reality TV show about the representatives and leaders in the council.
"On Tuesdays, the council members pull pranks on each other and so I left a fake Declaration of War from Cloudmind in Chancellor Archibald's inbox!"
*The camera jumps to the Arcturixian representative checking his email and getting a shocked look on his face, before jumping to a yelling fit at everyone.*))


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(Cloudmind's runtime was subsumed into the actual leader, Mechanica. The nonsentience of Cloudmind now operates as the overhead of the nation's network.)