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Some random stuff I have been drawing.

Some love for my top two units in FEH. And the unit who continues to evade me ;-;

ikeandlinde_smoll.png lucy_smoll.png

And another Chibi for the family chibi drawing that is taking me forever.


I am Wake

It took a lot to get here
I'd do a commission if someone wanted to pay me real money. xD Otherwise I'm still learning and working things out and not really ready to take request.
With all due respect, my good lady!
I have only recently discovered this thread and to say you are still learning to be an artist is absurd! Yes, you may be figuring things out still- everyone learns. Even teachers will continue until death learning new things about their craft, career or teachings... but I believe you are putting yourself down if you do not believe you are ready for requests!

I, myself, would happily pay you plenty of money for a commission after seeing that beautiful image above! I've seen many talented artists in my time Roleplaying, people who make good money simply drawing and sketching images of characters that Roleplay on their servers. You should do the same! ^_^
What's more, I believe your immediate family and friends OOCly would be very pleased you are gaining money for your art =)