Alshiera Lowe


General Information:

Name: Alshiera Lowe
Other Names: her mother used to call her cookie, she still responds to it

Age: 19
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pan
Current Residence: none, she's just left home to start anew
Relationship Status: single
Social Status: commoner, lower-middle-class kind of

Physical Appearance:

Height: 156cm
Weight: 52kg
Eye Color: Hazelnut brown
Skin Color: pale white
Shape of Face: narrow heart shaped
Distinguishing Features: she has more freckles on the left side of her face than the right
Build of Body: slim, petite
Hair Color:gold-blonde
Hair Style: long, pinned half up
Complexion: fair
Posture: straight posture, has a bad habit of leaning to one side when she sits, from curling up in her reading chair
Is Seen By Others As: a quiet, maternal girl, rather unremarkable and insignificant
Scars: a thin line the whole way around the middle of her forearm that she doesn't like to talk about
Voice: soft, hardly loud enough to be heard in a group conversation, but becomes rather sharp when she has to be firm, she always sounds close to crying


Likes: reading, baking, exploring, she's very interested in archeology and anthropology
Dislikes: war, violence, poverty, illness, injustice, the dark, bugs
Strengths: a keen mind and a compassionate heart, she wants to help
Weaknesses: a bit of a doormat, she's so keen to help people and not cause trouble that she won't stand up for herself or seek help
Fears: being forgotten, being helpless, dying in vain
Values: she wants everyone around her to be on equal footing to achieve what they need to live well
Education: formally educated to age ten then dropped out of school and continued her studies on her own
Languages: she only speaks the most common tongues, and most of the time a handful of phrases, just enough to get by in travel, it only works out half the time
General Attitude: cheerful and optimistic, if a bit ambitious
Religious Inclination: she's not religious but her mother was and she is not above having faith in difficult times
General Intelligence: a clever girl, well read but not overly witty or quick with her words
General Sociability: quiet, a little shy and anxious, but can function in social situations
Alignment: lawful good with occasional dips into chaotic good

Short Term Goals: to find somewhere to set up her small library and lab, to make some friends and perhaps fall in love, what can i say, she's a romantic

Long Term Goals: to learn all she can from all the races, document history, culture, legends, myths, and learn what she can from each's science


Wardrobe: two simple dresses, a light green cotton one and a thick red wool one, worn with a leather corset belt, over a blouse and shorts for her adventures, though she would never be seen in decent company without the dresses, one pair of sturdy leather boots,
Jewelry: one chain hairpiece that she pins in place, a gift many years ago, her mother's wedding ring

Pets/Animals: none, but she is keen on birds and dogs

Owned Homes: none

Carried Inventory: a woodcutting axe and her journal where she notes all her discoveries and ideas
General Inventory:

General Wealth: she usually only carries enough to feed herself


Illnesses: none of note, generally healthy and hearty
Allergies: fish
Injuries: her scarred arm is a little weaker than her other and prone to cramping or aching under stress
Sleeping Habits: ha, what is sleep?
Energy Levels: almost hyperactive when excited, otherwise quite docile, there is no in between
Eating Habits: she tries to be vegetarian where possible and is not unknown to forget her lunch when reading
Exercise Habits: growing up on a farm had her running around and labouring often, she still stretches, and if presented the chance, climbs trees
Memory: has an exceptional recollection for trivial facts and details, but if she doesn't mark important dates and facts in her journal then she completely forgets them sometimes
Unhealthy Habits: a nail biter and easily distracted from sleeping or eating
Drinking Habits: she doesn't drink unless it is a cultural expectation of her travels


Birthplace: family farm, no noteable location

Childhood: had a very simple childhood, worked on the farm with her parents and the farmhand between school and reading, she dropped out of the local school at age ten due to lack of interest in what they taught

Teen Years: still working on the farm, and teaching herself from any book she could get her hands on, she started keeping her journal of ideas she wanted to test, recipes, social experiments, so on, as well as places she wanted to visit, which soon boiled down to Everywhere, her father died in a hunting accident when she was sixteen and her mother drank herself to death by the time Alshiera was eighteen, she sold the farm and set out to see what she could of the world

Family History: see Lowe brought Low in whitelist application >

Past Places of Residences: her family farm

Places Traveled: not many yet, but she's on her way now


Peaceful or violent: peaceful

Weaponry: and axe or bow

Combat Training: only wrestling with the farmhand as a child and occaisionally hunting with her father

Other Trivia:

Occupation: anthropologist/ writer
Favorite Types of Food: cookies
Favorite Types of Drink: she'll stick to water
Favorite Colors: gemstone blue, it reminds her of the sea and sky