Active Andre Ursae-Royal Mage

Added a new relation after some rp today, and his new sword made by akasha to house his stone specifically.

On one side of the sword reads reads in mok
On The Scales of death good and evil are weighed in balance

On the reverse side
In death all souls are equal in her embrace.

been wanting to give a small glimpse of the lab and what he does in it for awhile now, this is not including the more in depth stuff he has just started on exploring.

Andre walked up the steps leading up the valley side slowly and carefully looking down at the drop below. He smiled softly as he looked up at the clear crystal blue sky and the light of the pair of beacons shooting up into the sky above. The sounds of birds filled his ears as he closed his eyes letting the wind blow across him, as his braid swayed lightly in its embrace.
This place was his own place a place of quiet and retreat a pleasant change from the hustle and bustle of the large cities. As he moved along he entered the cradle itself moving into the wall and out on the other side.
He looked out over the lake as the water lapped the shore a few feet from him woman were out collecting water for the day, as small camps of villages who he had managed to bring with him clung to the cliffside in this place of safety.
Andre moved along entering the small alcove as he reached a pair of locked doors he took a set of keys from his belt and began to unlock the doors. He opens the doors closing it behind himself relocking it as he unlocked the next set and then locking it behind himself. Andre moved into the fireplace living room built into the mountain itself.
He smiled softly as he made his way threw the kitchen and up the stairs towards the labs came to a heavy iron door. As he reached up and manipulated a hidden latch as the door popped open he moved thru shutting it as it locked behind himself. He moved into a small room with a pair a of white clean cotton suits and masks with a pair of slippers. He got changed and washed his hands and arms all the way to the elbows before slipping on a pair of cotton gloves.
Andre moved through another set of doors as he pulled up the hood and donned his mask and eyewear. As he closed and shut the door he moved and unlocked the next door as he stepped into the lab itself. On both walls stood row upon row of cages each with six small mice inside of them all sitting quiet and watching, the infection clear upon them. Andre moved over picking up a clipboard from the wall as he looked over it for a moment.
“Well let us get started with today's experiments shall we,and see if we can find what makes you tick”