Collinbob's application for whitelist :) - accepted Cast

1. Your Minecraft username: Collinbob
2. Your real name:Griffin
3. Age:23
4. Gender:Male
5. Country: Canada

6. Have you read the Tome of Citizenshipor agree to do so before signing into Hollow World for the first time? Yes I will read it before entering

7. How do you feel about the 'roleplay' aspect of our server? Do you have any experience roleplaying? I love roleplay on servers. My friend had one exact same concept with medival aspects and stuff but he ended it so I am looking for a new one :)

8. Please introduce yourself to the community; explaining who you are, your interests / hobbies and why you are here in 8 sentences or more.

My name is griffin, I do alot of football and sports. I love to play minecraft with friends or on single player, I also do videos but not so much recently. I am a friendly person, i love palying on servers that are medieval! RPG are the best such as skrim and the whole elder scrolls series, but I also like to play some Call Of duty! i LOVE games but im also a very athletic person. I am very cooperative with other people and i just love working in societies.I like starting or being in towns that have shops with friendly people. I like the whole concept of a medieval RPG.

9. If you have examples of your work please attached them to this post using the "upload a file" button or link to the image or video. Sadly i do not as my computer crashed because of some virus. So everything got deleted sorry! :(

10. Is there anything else you wish to share with us? I just really wish you would accept me because this sounds like a very good server filled with friendly people. I normally do not fill out applications for server but this one struck my eye. I normally dont because of the whole signup thing is long and stuff. I was persistant on this one because it kept on saying that is not a valid birth date but normally i would have gave up, but this one i just kept trying and realized my birth date was set to 1888 not 1988 :p

11. Are you aware that the use of black magic (xray,xray texture packs and ore locator mods) is not allowed on our server, and a banishable offense?
yes, i do not hack and i especially do not like hackers!

12. How did you find out about our server?
I was on MC server list and it was there. I did not know how to get to this webstie but i was a try hard and found it out :p

Please accept me!
man ive been constantly on waiting to see if im accepted ive listend to the 4 podcasts read the tome of citizenship and now just reading unban thngs and other applications! lol